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Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word from Heaven for the day.

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August 2015 are the Church a witness unto God or is it a social club where people hang out on certain days and time.When thinking about church many associate it with a building of many different shapes and in many different places. The image is clear in their mind of a group of people gatheringsome are small and some are large groups. Hugs and talk and some times finding a good seat is the focus.What should happen when entering into the house of Almighty God? Singing,prayer, and scripture quoting, Who should be inside the building called the church? Where are the places of Children in the church building? Ouside the building what should those who say they believe or are save. or they are the men and women of God? Witness and who should they witness too?
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Caller choose the topic there maybe different topics and different callers sharing many topics.

Pastor Wintley Phipps teaches on the First of the Soul. WintleyAugustus Phipps, Sr. (born January 7, 1955) is a vocal artist, and founder of the US Dream Academy,Songs of Freedom Publishing Company, and Coral Records... more

To the Believer it is most important to do the same things Jesus does daily. Remembering the things he has done and walking according to his word.We should follow his steps of direction in every area of our lives. Does it makes us... more

God has made many promises to man but there were and are things man must do to receive the promises of God. Sometimes God give right away to man and other times man have to wait patiently. Waiting on the promises of God teaches us to... more

2015 there are so much put before us technology, money, and so much more as better paying jobs. Nothing is wrong with having more but how is having more obtained? God gives and make rich. Today I am not sure if others are looking to... more

Change from the old DSL to Uverse and checking out hands free microphone and studio. I will make it public but I am only doing a quick test.

Do you dream and if so, about what are you dreaming? How will you react when your dream comes true? Many people dream about things they would like to have or things they would like to do. The people with whom I have spoken dream... more

Why do men and women get married? Is it for love, companionship and/or for financial stability that men and women marry? The mike is open today for listeners to call in and share what they think the foundation and basis for marriage... more

"Old School' Habits include good manners, behavior, and other ways of doing what is right and acceptable to God. What is the problem with children having respect for their parents and/or elders? Why is it okay to watch despicable... more

In 2015 what is wrong and what is right? This is the question and a very hard one to answer if you are looking out and have no guide within. Sometimes to much freedom hinder and not help because the maind of man can go to far and... more
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