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Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word from Heaven for the day.

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fifteen is a prophetic study of the number 15 in the Bible and how it relates to what God wants to do in our lives in 2015. This is not a book about numerology, it's a book full of spiritual insight revealing God's plan for achieving success. In this book you will see: - God's prophetic vision revealed for 2015 - What the number 15 represents biblically - How 15 is important in today's world - Individual numbers have deep hidden messages - Significant teenagers in the Bible - All 42 reference of "fifteen" in the scriptures Let the prophetic voice of the number 15 release a vision for success in your life in 2015!
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Prayer nd waiting on God is not an easy task. But the results are well worth the wait. God has perfect timing and many times we feel we need what we want right away. Again But, God comes always right on time over and over again. The wait... more

Bishop Noel Jones an astute intellectual, a columnist, prolific orator, theatrical producer, and still others as a beloved father, grandfather and loyal friend. No matter your point of reference, there are few places you will travel on this side of... more

There is a song that says I am not weary neither not tired in this way It goes on to say because the Lord is my Shepard he is my friend and he is my guide. Today the Belivers has learn that no need to be weary or tired in Jesus he is our... more

Rich Wessenberg has been helping others build their believing hearts by teaching and speaking for over twenty-seven years across America. Rich first started teaching Bible fellowships in 1986. A former minister, Rich has lived and taught... more

Joy a happy excitement that Jesus gives to believers even in time of great troubles. Times like death, sickness, homelessness, also bad things that has happened to love ones. You will still have a happy excitement within your heart... more

Marriage alone can be stressful if the motives are not right and the intentions are to gain and not give to much. One sided relationships are stressful and unhealthy today there are many who feel they can't be alone and accept abuse and giving... more

The Last Word no more words are spoken after the final word from whom ever. Many times I have seen people change their mind because some snapped inside of their head to say it can come about in another way. I associate this with... more

Starting your Own Business You have big dreams and you visulize opening day. Many people would love to own a successful business one that makes money and the owner can be away and things still go smooth. Some people know the... more

Today we are fun raising for Jesus in the Morning Coneinence Store Opening. Selling cupcakes- Brownies - Nachoes with Beef - Fish Plates - Chicken WingsPlate - Candy Bags - Honey Dripper - Soda - Chips. Barbara Mack... more

Promises (A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow.) A promise is something that you believe and see no need to doubt. God has made many promises to his people, but to claim the promises of Almighty God... more
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