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Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word from Heaven for the day.

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There is so much out here to look at and try to decide which is rigght and what is wrong. Adults are having problems following the right things of the world. When we look out there is no world book of instructions and we must put a lot of effort into finding the right path to follow after all it is our life. Life to each of us should become important enough to seek out and search out the right way to life this important life on planet earth. The problems we face are knowing and securely believeing what we hear and see. Choices, choices, and more choices Some have found a manual to life and exclaim it is the true way that brings good living here on the earth today we will discuss the manual of Life.
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What is the limit of what children should have revealed to them from ages 1-5. Should mom bathe in frotnt of her son or daughter at this early age. Show children see their dad naked in the shoew. What should children hear... more

The news today is brutal so much hate, murders, and crimes against children from their parents, The news of the president and his plans for the country. All of these things are in what they are calling politics, entertainment, health, living, sports.... more

In 2015 we should expect a great change in the church, there should show every where in the house of God people giving praise reports of what has happened out side in the streets of America. Not bad news but the good news of Jesus... more

The recorded message One of Us Is In Trouble by Bisahop T D Jakes. The author of the Book and Movie Woman Thou Art Loosed. Millions believe in nthe teachings of this man and millions follow he is a name brand name in the world... more

Bishop Noel Jones recorded message Leave & Don't Look Back What has happened to people and the right things to get done. I do believe pride has a large part in it all. It seems everyone need to that I am right and you are... more

In Psalms 23 it talks about a table is spreaded and a feast ,preparing a table in the presence of our enemies. I look at this as every time and every way the enemey comes God set that table up no need for me to fear, become angry, or... more

Will you believe the report of the Lord in 2015 or will you continue to believe what you feel or want to believe. Many feel they have to revenge on God behalf but this is not so God does not need any help. He is God all by himself. I... more

The things that are no good to you or for you through it in a trash can and walk away. Many times this includes relationships, employment, frriendships, and so much more. Many are over weight because we choose the wrong foods to eat. I... more

What Changes have you made in 2015? Family, friends, work, which includes inside and out side of yourself. Today there are many who does not know any better and they live according to what they feel is good or not good for... more

Remember in this life nothing is free. It has been said Salvation of Jesus is free that is not true. Jesus paid a very high price for the freedom of Man. Because of the price Jesus paid God wants us to give back to him in many ways. Prayer,... more
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