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Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word from Heaven for the day.

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We lock doors to our homes and businesses, lock our cars, and anything that is of value to us. The real reality of all the locking things up is other can break in abd take it or if we leave it to long it will self destruct by rotting or decaying. There is... more

The world has flipped upside down, but God is yet blessings his people. To many negatives are going on and in talking to others some feel is scary to live their home. Yet, there are those who are not feeling safe in their homes. All kinds of... more

Minister Rhonda Salazar will talk about Jesus is not one of the many ways to God but the only way, at any time you bring this conversation up. Rhonda is from the Gainesville Texas area. Min Salaza loves children with a speacialty of her very... more

The time is now to seek God through his word to make sure we are on the right track. Looking back at the Apostle Paul he often shared the message of God to the people and some recieved the word but did not allow the spirit of God to fill... more

Many times as a Believer you wi hea what others have tosay about yougood o bad. Sometimes people follow you or ha out pretending to like you or as a friend. When all the time they don't like you and behind your back many lies and ugly... more

Love is a very powerful emotion and feeling therefore it cause is to love God and appreciate him and all he has done, what he is doing right now, and what he will do later in our future. It cause us to want to please God because we love... more

In the King James Verion of the Bible. In Genesis it talks about God made Adam from the ground. Therefore, we are all made from the dirt and we will return to the ground. Believers don't rob the grave because Jesus went this way he was... more

Guest: John Christopher Sutton of Onterio, Canada. Host of The Word of God Radio Show, John will talk about True Faith that Abound. Last week John and I talked over the phone about many different things and he ask me about a topic... more

November 2016 in the Thanksgiving Season I thought about Jacob and wrestling with the Angel. I often felt like telling God I want let go until you bless me. Now, many times it was for material items like money but I have learned over... more

We all celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways some clebrate with family and friends some are alone. Many cooks a feast to spread. Different meats, side dishes,veggies, and desserts. I always wanted to make homemade ice cream in... more
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