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Discover You... the Inside Story. Who do you have to be to step into your dreams? What’s holding you back - no support, not worthy, it’s not possible, no one gets me, it’s not in my control, who would I be if I succeeded, I don’t know how to make it happen. The time to awaken your gifts, reach your potential and connect with your dreams... is now. We know because this is our playground, our world has done a complete transformation since we brought our attention to our dreams. Let FREEDAWN CREATIONS shift you from outer purpose to inner desire. Live your dreams now. Alisa Gamblin is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and Student of life. Glenna Mageau is a Certified Life/Business Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and Life Learner. www.freedawncreations.com

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We never really know what life is going to throw at us however there is something positive in every moment and something for us to learn in every moment. Discover the lighter side of life. Love, Laugh, Learn

We're going to review our journey over the last two years. How we got started? How we determined our topics? And to say thank you to all of our listeners.

International Women's Day is 100 years old. It was started to honor women who fought for Women's Rights. Every Woman deserves to be honored. What can you do to honor yourself and the other women in your life.

When we hold on to things, emotions, situations, we are keeping ourself stuck. So how do you recognize those things you need to let go of? Why is it important to let them go? How do you do it?

Are you living your life on repeat? Each day, you get up and do the same things, the same habits, the same routines. How do you use that realization to improve upon your life? Like in the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray realized he was... more

Women who burned their bras did it because they wanted change, radical change. They’d had enough of what was. We’d like to suggest it is time for women to start supporting women. All women. To stop competing, judging, holding ourselves... more

Are you working towards your dream but find that you keep having setbacks? You find yourself feeling disillusioned? Lost? Frustrated? How do you find the strength and courage to continue on your path to your dream?

Is your life working the way you want it to? Do you love your life? Are you trying to convince yourself that you have the home, the family, the job, the relationship you want? Are you trying to convince yourself you're happy? When we're... more

“Whenever you lack the courage to be honest in your life, you rob yourself of your own dignity, success, and integrity. You unconsciously disempower yourself,” says Crystal Andrus, author of Simply…EMPOWERED! (Hay House April 2010), and a... more
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