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This radio show is for people seeking psychic advice. Psychic Stephen is a clairvoyant reader who specializes in love, money and careers, spirituality. If you are looking for a private phone, video chat or in person reading after the show, please call him at (561) 907-6689 to make an appointment. Psychic readings on the radio are first come, first serve basis. You can see my price list on my website. The rates are as follows: 30 Minutes for $40.00 60 Minutes for $80.00 My readings usually last for an hour to an hour and a half. Please schedule your live private psychic reading with me during or after the show. People come to Stephen from all walks of life in order to get information about their lives. Some people call him in order to learn more about their love life and finances. Others call him to understand their love and spiritual lives a bit easier. You can call Stephen for any reason. Many people find his readings to be helpful to the heart. Stephen has helped thousands of people from all over the world. People often call him from the United States, Canada, UK (England), Germany and France. You can call him no matter where you are. On his website, he offers a video chat reading if you cannot connect by phone. You can use Skype, Yahoo or another chat service in order to connect with him. Stephen has had his clairvoyant prophetic gift since he was 13 years old. He grew up knowing things about people that nobody else could explain. When someone had a problem with their lives, they would ask Stephen for help and he would be there for him. Over the years, Stephen has built a powerful online ministry helping people that are concerned about their lives. Many people that call Stephen feel like they have reached rock bottom. Stephen encourages all those to seek God out on their own. However, he is here for you if you just can't take it anymore and need someone to talk to. He has been called a psychic, prophet and a friend that

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Prophetic minister Stephen can give you an online psychic reading about your question. He is here to assist those that are most in need. He has helped thousands of people across the world and can help you to. Psychic readings are... more

I will be doing some live psychic readings today for those that have questions about their spirituality, love life, career and more. Call in today if you are searching for answers and don't know where to turn. People call in to speak... more

Today's show is going to be for those seeking a live psychic reading. You can ask Stephen any question that you would like and receive an answer on the air. There are no time restrictions on the show. Calls are answered on a first come, first... more

Thousands of people call Psychic Stephen every single year to ask him questions about their career, love life, money concerns, spirituality and so much more. If you need help with your life, call Stephen now to see if he can help you. He is a... more

Get a live psychic reading with Stephen today. Stephen gives readings for most any questions to include: love, money, career, spirituality and other issues. Thousands of people call him every single year to get clarity on their situation.... more

Psychic Stephen will be giving live psychic readings to those that are searching for answers in their lives. Your question can be about love, money, career and spiritualtiy. You can ask just about anything that comes to your mind. This show... more

We have another great day of psychic readings. Please call in if you are looking for answers in your love, money and career life. You can ask Stephen questions about your spirituality and just about eveyrthing else that is troubling you. He... more

You have come to the right show if you are looking for a live psychic reading on the telephone. Psychic Stephen is giving readings today for those that are hurting and wanting to know more about their love, money and careers. He also does... more

Psychic Stephen is giving clairvoyant readings today for people having questions about love, money and their career. The purpose of this show is to help those that are searching for answers in their lives. Many people call Stephen in order... more

Today's show is for people wanting to get answers to their questions about love, money and their career. Psychic Stephen is a clairvoyant reader with over 20 years experience. He has read for countless people around the world. He gives... more
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