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Free Association Radio aka FAR is your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Three times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. We start the week with The Monday Mashup, an intelligent rant and rave about the state-of-the-universe and the news of the day. Wednesdays we trip around the stars, "Navigating The Astrological Matrix" where Robert gives live, free readings and astrological advice and insight. "Far Fridays" is two hours worth of in depth interviews with the likes of George Green, Linda Kohanov, Dr. Phil Valentine, Jay Weidner and others. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium.

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Today on "Eleventh House Radio" we'll be looking at the Virgo New Moon, along with the very powerful, Mars/Saturn conjunction. We'll be breaking down how this new moon will impact you on a personal level and how it will manifest in the... more

It's been almost thwo weks now since Michael Brown was shot by Darren Wilson in Ferguson and the tensions haven't abated much. There's talk of National Guard and DHS contractors on the ground. In essence, Ferguson is rapidly becoming... more

On today's broadcast of Eleventh House Radio, we'll be taking a look at Venus' arrival in the sign of Leo, the early conjunction with Jupiter and what it means for you. We'll also have some fun with the Gemini Moon and get into the matrix of... more

In the procession of Blood Moons, reality becomes soaked with poison of the human spirit and the toxins of disinformation. In stunning twists of irony, our muncipal waters are laced with a pharmacopia of prescription drugs, including... more

On todays's show, we'll be looking backawrds at the 100th year anniversay of WWI, what it means for Europe and the future of the planet as it relates to war. We'll also be looking at the three outer planets in their retrogradism and... more

Since 2008, Henrik Palmgren has been on the leading edge of alt-news and internet radio. His interviews with the late Rik Clay on the esoteric symbolism of the 2012, London Olympics was absolutely mind blowing and opened... more

Mars has finally left Libra and is now in the sign of the Scorpion, where it will remain until September 14th. From there, it will accelerate ahead into the signs of Sag, Cap and Aqua by years end. This is a critical phase for Mars as it squares... more

On today's show, we'll look at more Neptunian symbolism, especially as it relates to Flight MH17. We'll also be tracking Jupiter's first degrees into Leo and Mars' upcoming transit into the sign of Sorpio. In hour number. two, I'll be doing free,... more

On 7/17, Malayasia Airlines Flight, 17, a 777 crashed after being reportedly hit by a missile, attributed to Ukranian rebels. Three hundred people are said to have perished. Conspiritorial whispers whip like wind around the spaces of the... more

On today's episode of The Eleventh House, we'll be exploring the significance of the Mid-Heaven or MC in the chart. We'll also look at this week's stars, check in on LeBron James' homecoming and dissect the natal chart of Israel, where... more
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