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Free Association Radio aka FAR is your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Three times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. We start the week with The Monday Mashup, an intelligent rant and rave about the state-of-the-universe and the news of the day. Wednesdays we trip around the stars, "Navigating The Astrological Matrix" where Robert gives live, free readings and astrological advice and insight. "Far Fridays" is two hours worth of in depth interviews with the likes of George Green, Linda Kohanov, Dr. Phil Valentine, Jay Weidner and others. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium.

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As we move into the New Moon in October, we encounter the new moon where we achieve balance and synergy. Tonight, we'll explore the potential of that Moon. We'll set our intention tonight as we invoke the powers of peace, love,... more

One a recent foray into Twitter, I discovered a remarkable young man named Ryan Sharkey. Ryan is eighteen-years-old and he decided to to travel across the country without any money, living off the land as much as he can, bonding with... more

On tonight's show, we'll look at the most tumultous week in recent memory. Russia came to Syria's aid, the Pope wound down his whirlwind tour of the US and of course we had another shooting. We'll look at all of it, plus Venuses... more

Today, we'll do a blitz on one of the most important weeks in memory as the global chess match between the US and Russia took a major turn in Syria, Israel got rebuffed, the Pope popped in, John Boehner stepped down and Obama... more

On tonight's show, we'll be flipping the switch and going live on the Lunar Eclipse, the last of the Blood Moon's, the final tetrad! On tonight's show, we'll look at past week (honoring Mercury retrograde) and the Pope's roll through the USA. We'll... more

On today's show you'll get yours truly diving into the world's so called refugee crisis. We'll look at what's happening in Northern Europe as hordes crash blockaded borders in Poland and Hungary, while other countries like Sweden... more

William Ramsey is the author of "Abomination: Devil Worship And Deception In The West Memphis Three Murders." With shocking insights into one of the most talked about murder cases in American history, Abomination: Devil Worship and... more

This is the first of hopefully many Sunday night astrology shows on Eleventh House Radio. There's something different that happens after dark. After five years of doing mid-day astrology on Mondays, we're moving to Sunday night. It's... more

In keeping with with the spirit of Virgo and personal healing, we're rolling out more content to keep you fit and inspire you coming from two different locations and traditions, but connnected to one another through the power of sound. In hour... more

On today's show I'll be speaking with Maka'ala Yates, who might just qualify as one of the most interesting men you'll ever meet or at the very least, listen to. Dr. Maka'ala Yates D.C., is a Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian Ancestry) who specializes in... more
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