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Free Association Radio aka FAR is your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Three times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. We start the week with The Monday Mashup, an intelligent rant and rave about the state-of-the-universe and the news of the day. Wednesdays we trip around the stars, "Navigating The Astrological Matrix" where Robert gives live, free readings and astrological advice and insight. "Far Fridays" is two hours worth of in depth interviews with the likes of George Green, Linda Kohanov, Dr. Phil Valentine, Jay Weidner and others. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium.

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On June 25th, Alexandra Hunter and other concerned citizens of the state of Arizona held a public meeting, with Kelli Ward, a Republican member of the Arizona Senate representing District 5 since January 14, 2013. Alexnadra and... more

On today's episode of Eleventh House Radio, I'll be looking at this week's planetary action as we move deeper into the sign of Cancer. I'll also be discussing the rising sign, why it's important and how it impacts not just the entire chart,... more

David Christopher is an award-winning author and teacher of the ?new story,? a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe. He became intrigued with this... more

On todat's episode of Eleventh House Radio, I'll be looking ahead to this week's astrological forecast as we move into the heat of Summer and the first degrees of Cancer, with Mercury still retrograde, along with Saturn, Neptune, Plute, the TN... more

On today's show, Carl Johan Calleman returns. Two years ago, Carl was an early guest on theThe Farcast. Together, we discussed the Mayan Calendar, the social dynamics of 2012 as well as the politcal side of 2012 cosmology. Carl's ideas... more

It's Mercury Retrograde and it's time to reclaim the airwaves. We're resurrecting Navigating The Astrological Matrix under a new name; "Eleventh House Radio." I'll be bringing you two hours of astrology, tarot, numerology and magic. We'll be... more

In the first hour, we'll speak Sofia Smallstrom. Sofia began her journey into waking up and seeing with 9/11. While digging into that subject, she discovered artificial clouds and chemtrails, and from this was inspired to recognize the... more

On Friday, May 23rd, at 9:22 PM, PST, Elliot Rodger, a "lonely," "frustrated," and "isolated" rich kid and son of director/photographer, Peter Rodger went berserk and decided to take his angst out on the rest of the world (especially, young,... more

Last week, in Isla Vista, Elliot Rodger apparently had had enough. The remote, shy and almost painfully anti-social college student who was rejected by beautiful girls, while feeling as though he wasn't rich enough to live at an elite level... more

In the lore of modern cinema, the most well known shapeshifter is Dracula, able to transform from a human to a bat or a wolf. In the shamanic realm, brujas and sorcerers have also been known to assume the form of their totems or power... more
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