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Free Association Radio aka FAR is your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Three times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. We start the week with The Monday Mashup, an intelligent rant and rave about the state-of-the-universe and the news of the day. Wednesdays we trip around the stars, "Navigating The Astrological Matrix" where Robert gives live, free readings and astrological advice and insight. "Far Fridays" is two hours worth of in depth interviews with the likes of George Green, Linda Kohanov, Dr. Phil Valentine, Jay Weidner and others. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium.

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On today's show, we'll be looking into the mystery of intercepted houses, what they mean and how you can determine what you need to deal with the "hidden crisis" of the chart. We'll go thtorugh the various houses and signs to illustrate... more

We're into week three with Ebola frenzy and the inconsistencies, adminsitrative faux pas', calculated fear and general misdirection are hitting us from every angle in the warp of the twenty-four-hour news cycle. Two weeks ago, researcher,... more

On today's episode of Eleventh House Radio, I will exploer and discuss the deeper, ongoing, social and culutral ramifiactions of Chiron in Pisces, how it is shaping the telescreen of reality we are witnessing and what it means for people... more

As the Ebola crisis spreads, we are now at day 12, since Patient Zero, aka Thomas Eric Duncan first went to Texas Health Presbyterian on the 28th of September. We'll look at what's happened since then, the poltical, biological and... more

It's baaaaack! Three-times a year, Mercuriy goes retrograde, meaning it moves like it's going backwards. In traditional astrology, it augurs a time where communications can hit snags, things need to get fixed and contracts are to be... more

Well it's here, as reported on the evening news, the 24 hour news cycle and just about everywhere you turn. Thomas Eric Duncan, will forever be remembered as the man who brought the Ebola virus to the United States via thirteen-hour... more

On today's show, we will be drilling down into the core of the Moon and what it means on an astrological level. We'll explore Moon as psyche as the emotional, driver behind the chart and how it links us up to our maternal roots, mythic... more

As the global cauldron heats up, we need to get a geocentric fix on the soul of the planet. Understanding the deep, culutral and esoteric forces that shape our reality matrix is essential. On today's show, we'll be discussing what's happening... more

Please join me today as I delve into the Solar Return chart and give free readings.

On today's epiosde of Eleventh House Radio, we'll be exploring the Solar Return chart, how to cast one and what it means for you. The Solar Return chart happens on oen's birthday, in the place that you are celebrating it. It gives the querent... more
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