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Our Constitution: Principles


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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles is a long-running educational show working to educate people at the grassroots level on the founding principles

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Traveling the Police State One day you are driving from your home to work and run into a checkpoint where you are stopped by armed men in military-looking uniforms. Calming your breathing as they motion for you to roll down your... more

Applying The Principles of Jesus -- VERY CONTROVERSIAL! As a Christian, I have always wanted to ?do the right thing.? I have not always been successful, but I continue to strive for those things that not only make me a decent human... more

Colorado Shooting A Taste of Things to Come? The recent mass killing in Aurora, Colorado was a horrific event where a crazed individual seemingly could not distinguish between fantasy and reality. This shooting, tied to the... more

"A Revolution as Radical As That Which Separated Us From England..." - Patrick Henry June 5th, 1788 When Patrick Henry spoke these words in front of the Virginia ratifying convention, he was speaking about a situation that bears a... more

Preparing for the 2nd American Revolution *** Recent events have shown that the martial law infrastructure is about complete and now the Obama Administration is about to sign off on the UN Small Arms Treaty with no consent... more

Bee Keeper Michael Jordan and the Worsening Bee Crisis, the Shadow Government/Big Agro Takeover of our food supply and Much More! On this installment of Survival and Beyond, Ed speaks with Michael Jordan! No, not the... more

26 Year Lawman Discusses How Marxism Shapes Law Enforcement and forms the Police-State If you have any doubts that this country is rapidly moving into a totalitarian, Marxist police-state, those doubts will be eradicated tonight!... more

On Survival and Beyond: Self Reliance and Surviving Civil Unrest with Tactical Expert Chance Sanders On the Show this week, my old friend Chance Sanders pays a visit to Survival and Beyond! Chance is a former U.S. Marine... more

Order of the Constitution Defenders - Last week our guest was unable to make it, but I'm pleased to announce that tonight we'll have as our guest, Thomas Maddux, of the Order of Constitution Defenders! Thomas Maddux is the Texas... more

?Preserve, Protect and Defend? Who are REALLY the Defenders of the Constitution? All elected public servants are required to swear and Oath of Office to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution (of the U.S. and... more