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Our Constitution: Principles


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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles is a long-running educational show working to educate people at the grassroots level on the founding principles

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New Year America 2013 - Patriot Predictions for Provision *** As we begin this New Year, 2013, all the work, preparation, information gathering, and educating of ourselves will begin to pay off. The unfolding of a globalist-controlled America... more

The Denial HAS To STOP! Message to Government - We've had enough! We'll take care of ourselves AND Our Children! You are ALL Fired! It is sad, but on last week's show I spoke about the rash of school shootings and how we needed... more

Our Founders - An Example of Sheepdogs Protecting Their Flocks *** Throughout history we can recognize that there have always been sheep at the mercy of the wolves. However, there have also been Sheepdogs; predators just... more

U.S. Government Nears Fiscal Cliff - Americans Stockpile and Prepare So what does the "fiscal cliff" have to do with Americans stockpiling food, buying guns and ammo at record levels, and working on relocation strategies? Everything! Is it all... more

Back to the Fundamentals - Honor versus Dishonor Too often in each of our daily lives we see the complexity rising to such a degree that we lose sight of those things that are most important. Recently I was asked to go back and cover the... more

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - From the Perspective of a Concealed Carry Instructor, Ex-Peace Officer and Patriot The Right to Keep and Bear Arms has become a major topic with the Obama Administration making every attempt to... more

Slave, Indentured Servant or Free Man or Woman? We are seeking answers to the most important question that Americans should ask themselves. What is my status in society? Am I a slave, in indentured servitude, or a free person whose... more

Yea as We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…As We Enter Our Next Presidency Well, Americans are about to face another Presidential election, choosing from the lesser of two evils. Who will be chosen; Lucifer or... more

As We Near the Election...Unplug from the Matrix! Most all Americans remember the 1999 movie, The Matrix. This science fiction action film immediately captured the conspiracy crowd," and many authors and political talk show hosts... more

Can We Put the Evil Back in Pandora's Box? (Can we constrain the government's powers that it has granted itself?) In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship, to... more