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U.S. Government Nears Fiscal Cliff -  Americans Stockpile and Prepare
So what does the "fiscal cliff" have to do with Americans stockpiling food, buying guns and ammo at record levels, and working on relocation strategies? Everything!
Is it all Americans that are preparing? No. There are 2 major groups of Americans with different beliefs that have no idea regarding the extent of what they are facing.
First, there are all those 52% that voted for Obama; thinking that the U.S. government will take care of all their needs. This group will be like lemmings jumping off the cliff. Many will drown and the rest will turn on everyone around them for some way to prevent their mass extinction.
Next will be all those who have drank the Republican cool-aid, or should I say neo-con and RHINO cool-aid, who will blame the Democrats for their woes. They will whine and moan, pleading for help, still naively trusting the "conservative" leadership to find some solution for them, but no help will be forthcoming. They will also be forced to turn on everyone around them to gain a foothold on survival.
The remainder of true conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and a good percentage of independents have already recognized that there is no rational solution to this impending disaster and have become self-reliant. These are the lucky ones that have become "preppers" and have been stockpiling food, guns, ammo, and other necessities of survival and, when possible, have also prepared a "Plan B." This "Plan B" includes possible strategic relocation out of the major cities and into the countryside where they may be able to defend themselves from the starving hoards of the other two groups.
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