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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles

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As We Near the Election...Unplug from the Matrix!

Most all Americans remember the 1999 movie, The Matrix.

This science fiction action film immediately captured the conspiracy crowd," and many authors and political talk show hosts have done their own interpretations and comparisons with what we are experiencing in our everyday life here in America. Gerry also did talks and later shows on the eerie similarity to the police-state and unconstitutional actions by our own government.

The film depicts a future in which the reality the average American experiences on a day-to-day basis is actually a projected false reality designed to keep us in a dumbed down state, completely oblivious to the true evil of those who would subject us to their own tyrannical designs.

The upcoming Presidential election and all the manipulations that have occurred over the last decade, seem to be coming to a head. Many are awakening to the truth and it is not always an easy transition.

We are faced with an Orwellian elite that is escalating their propaganda and mind control as the people slowly wake up from the pods they have been existing in.

If you recall the scenes where Neo was freed from the Matrix and exposed to the truth, you will remember that the truth almost set him into a fatal overload. Had it not been for the careful guidance and gentle exposure, he may not have made it through the experience.

This is exactly the same situation that most Americans find themselves in today.