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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles

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Have A Mortgage?

Now the Fed has maneuvered to Own Your Property!


When you heard Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, announce QE3 and made it open ended, were you aware that all those in the U.S. with mortgages on their properties had basically seen their homes stolen right from under their noses?
As the Fed begins buying the $40 Billion a month of mortgage-backed securities, the central bankers will effectively own all those properties which were bundled and securitized on the derivatives market. 
No one knows just how many homes, small business, small farms and other lands will be grabbed under this new form of socialistic destruction of property rights.  The actual number of Americans that will be victimized is unknown.  However, what is abundantly clear is that, if you currently have a mortgage on your home, there are government bureaucrats, including your own lenders and county tax assessors that have their eyes on taking possession.
If the country keeps going off the cliff and our currency goes into hyperinflation, how will you afford to make those payments? 
What will happen if, the county you live in suddenly multiplies your property taxes by, say 400% claiming that it is needed to fund their operations?
What will happen if, the school district you live in suddenly multiplies your school taxes by the same 400% due to the numbers of unemployed that can no longer pay their taxes and the school needs revenue to operate?
It is becoming a no-win situation where the stakes are your hard-earned property and the deck is stacked against you!