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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles

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Applying The Principles of Jesus --



As a Christian, I have always wanted to “do the right thing.”  I have not always been successful, but I continue to strive for those things that not only make me a decent human being, but also to keep from straying from the straight-and-narrow path.  This effort brought me to recognize the government's  disrespect of the fundamental principles so eloquently written into our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and especially, those God-given, unalienable rights enumerated (listed) or un-enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  These principles were based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

I had a horrible feeling that something was terribly wrong in this country, so I began to extend my reading beyond what I knew of the Bible.  I had never been much of a history buff, but I began to read about American history and its founders along with confirming the political environment and teachings of Jesus.  It was there that the light bulb really came on.  I began putting the pieces together.  I began to see all the parallels!  Those fundamental principles that I had learned in Church, and especially those aspects that I had learned in my own theological research, began to tie directly to those principles that our founders attempted to embed in our founding documents.  However, many things didn't jive with what I'd learned in Church.  

Tonight I'll discuss this very important topic at the request of many of my listeners although it is not something this show normally delves into.  Keep an open mind and keep a notebook handy.  I want everyone to research what I cover tonight for themselves.  Make your own decisions.  Join in the conversation!