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Iam a Motivational Coach, Radio Host & Networker.This show is about empowering disadvantage individuals to take control of their lives and make positive decisions for themselves. Each and every person faces different storms in life. Its not the storm thats the problem but how we handle and cope in the storm. So come off the cold bench and comfort zone tune in and be prepared to be changed. Join us live every Monday's for live chat and music 7.30pm GMT..Are you ready to shape up for 2013! 'Dont rest until you've become the best'

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Can you spare a couple of hours a week, part-time or full-time and having your own business outside of your core job can make a huge difference to your life. Stand alone brand originated in 2004, £100 million pounds turnover last... more

Founder believe and live again zina Arinze is back to for part 2 to share with us valuable advice on pitfalls to avoid whilst going through what can be a traumatic and gut wrenching experience, whether you're going through a divorce, a... more

A big break up can leave you feeling lonely, confused and even scared. Whether it's scared from not knowing how you will cope or fear from being unsure what to do with your life now; but Divorce, or any kind of relationship break-up,... more

Ros is a weight management and nutrition coach, passionate in her belief that everyone can achieve lasting, healthy weight loss – without the stress of restrictive dieting. She is committed to empowering these individuals through... more

This will probably be one of the most inspirational and creative works of art you will ever see. Furthermore, the sculpture is made even more impressive by the many life-affirming messages for personal empowerment that is promotes.... more

Each year 200,000 children in England and Wales experience the loss of a parent to the Criminal Justice system. When a parent is sent to prison children go through something akin to bereavement and the experience can seriously... more

#CrackOn – the book about young people in business has gone on general release in time for Global Entrepreneur Week A new book has been launched – written by an international business adviser and a young... more

What are you choosing to create as the end of 2012 draws to a close? Are you experiencing fear and anxiety as more and more natural disasters and reports of financial crisis fill the news? Would you like to learn some amazing skills to... more

My special guest Valerie J Lewis Coleman is back for part 2 to talk about her lastest book 'Goody Box' dating and relationships. She has great stories that will empower, inspire and encourage your audience to finding fulfilling relationships.... more

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman will openly share her real-life relational challenges with your audience to help them make sound decisions and avoid unnecessary drama. Using humor and wit, she will divulge tips, techniques and suggestions to... more
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