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Freda Mooncotch is author of Defying Age With Food, KETO Coach, C.H.E.K. Lifestyle Holistic Coach, C.H.E.K Exercise Coach (3/14), Speaker, Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Specialist & Real Food Cook. It's What You Eat, Not How Much You Exercise! On this show we will delve deep into the wonders of our biochemistry and how it is all delicately connected and impacts everything from our self-confidence, moods, energy, sex-drive and happiness. We will explore what happens when our biochemistry is weakened or imbalanced and how that contributes to modern day addiction, psychological issues and more.

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Join Freda as she interviews legendary Anthony Terlato. A true visionary, Anthony J. Terlato has led the evolution of the fine wine industry for more than half a century. Whether the role has been retailer, distributor, importer, marketer or... more

Join Freda as she interviews Deborah Krasner! Deborah Krasner is a CCP (Certified Culinary Professional) and the author of the James Beard Award-winning book, THE FLAVORS OF OLIVE OIL, which was also a finalist... more

Join Freda as she interviews Chris Hunt from Sustainable Table Organization on the many aspects of organic, sustainable farming and agricultural practices. Learn the difference between grass-fed, farm raised cattle vs. grass-fed, grain... more

Join Nick Perdomo and I as we talk about the remarkable man and story behind the Perdomo company, and cigars! Born in Washington, D.C., Nick moved with his family to Miami in 1976 to be closer to relatives and their Cuban... more

Listen to Morgan share her story, success and journey as we cover a lot of territory from being a mom to why she produces cold climate Viognier and how she got started in the winemaking business. Not only is she... more

With an eye towards making wine in the Lake Chelan valley, Judy and Don began searching for the right property and bought a 25 acre orchard on Ivan Morse Road on the north shore of Lake Chelan in 2004. After updating the existing... more

On the island of Hvar in Crotia, the Tudor family has grown grapes and lavender for hundreds of years in a small village called Valo Grovia. The island of Hvar is the longest Adriatic island. It has plenty of lavender fields, olive groves, and... more

Join Randall and I to talk about winemaking, his new book Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology, being inducted into the 2010 Vintner's Hall of Fame and more! Randall Grahm was educated at UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis,... more

Join me, Freda The Wine Wench, as I interview Eleni Papadakis from Domaine Serene. Their Rockblock Syrah happens to be one of my favorite! Eleni earned a B.Sc. in Enology from CSU Fresno and has broadened her understanding of old... more

Join Freda, The Wine Wench, and Clay Mauritson, Owner/Winemaker, of Mauriston Wines to discuss everything wine. "Winemaking is 95% fruit and 5% the winemaker not screwing it up!" Clay Mauritson. In the mid 1990s Clay returned... more