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Join host Dr. Love for this relative spiritual conviction ministry. Within the ministry you will find the word of God, interviews with gospel artist, teachers, ministers, writers, authors, directors, visionaries, actors/actress and community leaders. Be sure to follow this ministry on FB: Alfreda Love. If you would like to be featured on this national ministry please

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Where do I go, when there is no one there to talk to? Who do I lean on, when no one wants to listen? God wants us to come to him and display our faith only in him. Join Julie as she takes us to a place called Faith!!!!

We are in prayer for our nation and everyone.

We are going to pray our hearts out tonight. You may connect with me on :

A NEW gospel artist connect-bringing variety of gospel to LLJM Karen Showell is a humble, yet an awesome Graphic artist and Gospel singer. She has traveled extensively around the world, including Europe, Japan and Canada. A shy girl,... more

I'm a best-selling author who empowers, inspires and show people how to understand, accept and master how God has wired them and find their "Zero Point". Finding your Zero Point is the key to reducing frustration, increasing... more

Jesus speaks his Holy word in the Bible. Daily we must evaluate our walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Listen in as we explore how we are winners in Jesus and whose side we are on. Connect with me on the ministry site-I Got To... more

We pray without giving up hope. Join me on at 11:30pm.

Materials: Bible, Mind, and something to write with and paper. Spiritual Conviction and Conscious will unlikely be in one's heart at the same time. The Bible suggests that anyone who is in Christ... more

Jesus can calm any story if we just trust him. Our storms are not the story, it is the praise! Thank the Lord!

In this episode we hear from the Lord.
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