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Child of Creation: Robert Donohue

Imagine a world that will soon be destroyed unless a young child can mange to eliminate the threat to the balance of power between all of different races and humans that have to co-exist. What happens when the weight of what will occur is in the hands of this young boy who is smart, protected because of who he is and what his father did for the world, is placed in a position and placed on earth but what happens to him is in his control and how he reacts will determine which of those alive wins the struggle for power. This young man has a voice that is hidden deep within him and heard only by him guiding him at times when needed and learns that he has been given the ability to do all of the things he needs to do to aid the voice in this struggle. Learning to control his abilities and powers will help him greatly as his God will help guide him along with this inner voice too. He is the Child of Creation and has been placed here for this purpose. The voice is the voice of creation or behind the creation and the spirit this child calls God must use him to cause something to be created.


A young boy witnesses the death of his parents and he begins a journey that will not only change his life but that of others. This is a story of coming of age, balance of power, self-realization, betrayals, loyalties, friendships and the struggle for power between many different groups. There are gnomes who are at the center of the conflicts and ambushes, elves, dwarves, trolls and even magical Sprites all vying to power and each one wanting to take over what the others have. Lark is alone and the only son of the village’s best hunter and is a threat to everyone after seeing his parents violently murdered and his killers not caught.

Alone in the woods and spying a young woman