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When A marathon turns deadly

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fran Lewis

fran Lewis


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Brian Freeman: Marathon

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution was created and written to protect the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. Defined freedom of expressions incorporates the right to freedom of speech, press, and assembly and to petition our government for a redress of grievances and the implied rights of association and belief. Two specific clauses of this amendment define our freedom o religion and the establishment clause disallows the government to create and establish an official religion or preferring one over another thereby enforcing “separation of church and state.” The primary component of freedom of expression is the right to freedom of speech, which gives people the ability to express themselves without interference or constraints placed on them by the government. But, what happens when people decide to voice their opinions in public, create rallies, conferences and want vigilante justice because people in their communities are of different races, ethnic backgrounds and they assume because of what they are they are terrorists, criminals and will do anything to stop these people in the name of the first amendment regardless of the cost to the community and the many lives that might be destroyed and lost. The setting is the Duluth Marathon the place is filled with hundreds if not thousands of spectators as families, friends and passerby’s wait for each one to cross that coveted finish line. Because of what happened during the Boston Marathon Jonathon Stride a Duluth Detective and his wife Serena along with his team are on the look out for anyone suspicious, wearing anything unusual and hoping that this day will end on a positive note. This is a powerful novel