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Hosted by "The Emotional Pro", Ilene Dillon, Full Power Living is awakening the world to the power and importance of human emotions! Creator/Host Ilene Dillon, MSW offers weekly broadcasts on a variety of topics--because emotions are part of everything. If you like depth, intensity, the real questions of life, the latest "solutions," spiritual growth and fun, this is the show for you! Topics include relationships, business, finance, spirituality, death and dying, parenting, personal growth, aging, creativity, brain surgery, medicine, and a host of others.

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It's chat and warm-up music for the first 30 minutes, then our show gets underway at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern. Welcome to a time of year involving great celebration! Will you take these holidays ?seriously,? or will you take the opportunity to play? This week's guest wants us to remember that ?raising a child isn't a series of right or wrong answers; it's a playful joyous experience.? Ann Gadzikowski is interested in helping us foster ?a balanced childhood, one with plenty of running, building, creating, cuddling, tinkering and pretending.? This sounds like a great formula for our holidays, too! Help your children to a joyous childhood, and play your way through your own Joyous Holidays, too! Embrace Play! Let's revisit that old line: ?If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em!? For most of us, the Holidays are a time of celebration, indulgence, and……mess! It's all about Play, so we've booked this show with early childhood educator Ann Gadzikowski, that helps us understand and celebrate play! We're happy to have you come ?play with us? this week! Click here to visit Ann Gadzikowski's website! Thursday's, 9-10am pacific and 12-1pm eastern, call in to be a part of the show: 888-498-0570
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It's chat and warm up music for the first 30 minutes, then our show gets underway at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern. It's My Birthday; I Want to Give Thanks to You & My World! It's such a privilege to live a life on this earth! It's a place... more

Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly-effective, powerful and positive ways. Mentored for 22 years by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra), Dr.... more

According to the AAVA, Americans owned more than 157 million pets in 2012. Americans LOVE their pets! A big problem with pets, however, is that their lives are shorter than human lives. We love them, and lose them far too soon for us.... more

How confident are you of making and managing your own money? How do your abilities stack up against the abilities of others? Most people think they are the ?only one? who doesn't have this area of life nicely handled. Bob Wheeler says... more

There is almost nothing more difficult than to open doors in the sleeping soul with humor, but Fran Shaw is a genuine master, and does it with grace. Every page of her book, Lord Have Murphy, contains a small shock, pleasurable, surprising... more

Multidimensional resources are now available to us humans. Sound healer Aleya Dao is author of Seven Cups of Consciousness, through which she gives step-by-step practical guidance for reaching beyond your limited physical... more

It's chat and warm-up music for the first 30 minutes, then our show gets underway at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern. Are you finally ready to find your true blissful relationship? If so, you can't keep doing the same things that haven't worked... more

Healer and Professional TV writer Carmen Harris wants to talk with us about ?brown stuff? and ?magic.? She has identified 16 magical elements in the universe we can use to bring greater harmony to our lives. And then, there's the... more

As a psychotherapist, I have often advised people who are depressed or otherwise upset in their life to do ?Selfless Service.? ?Selfless Service? involves doing for others, without concern for what we might get out of it. Zach Skow set... more

When Dr. Eric Pearl appeared to talk about the exciting new developments in his ?Reconnective Healing? the end of July, he graciously invited me to attend, as his guest, the training being offered in Los Angeles in mid-September. He requested... more
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