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Hosted by "The Emotional Pro", Ilene Dillon, Full Power Living is awakening the world to the power and importance of human emotions! Creator/Host Ilene Dillon, MSW offers weekly broadcasts on a variety of topics--because emotions are part of everything. If you like depth, intensity, the real questions of life, the latest "solutions," spiritual growth and fun, this is the show for you! Topics include relationships, business, finance, spirituality, death and dying, parenting, personal growth, aging, creativity, brain surgery, medicine, and a host of others.

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Chat and Warm-up Music starts at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern. Ilene and her Guest(s) start the interviews at 9am Pacific, 12-noon Eastern. So often what we do when something goes awry with our body is to take a pill, masking the symptoms but not changing what caused the problem. Instead, it is possible to take advantage of neuroplasticity, that ability our brain has to change. Anat Baniel has developed a way to interest our brains in making changes, that in turn, allow our bodies to behave differently. She's sharing the method she has developed—after many years of working with Moshe Feldenkrais—that, she says, can enable you to eliminate pain, heighten vitality, reach new levels of physical and mental fitness, and reverse the symptoms of aging. This is a woman you must hear! Click to Visit Anat Baniel's site and buy her books.
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The need is for good people with good intentions to bring environmental balance and peace back to our world–to reignite the light. Thus, The Prayer Project has been born. Parmahansa Jagadish, the globally renowned master healer,... more

The new face of heroin addiction is young, white and suburban, according to a recent study in the journal JAMA Psychiatry. Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS, a San Francisco medical doctor who specializes in opiate recovery, says this study... more

Daniel Rechnitzer has been starring in a television series, What Doctors Don't Know, on which he has been working with seriously ill people and sharing with them what they need in order to be restored to health. The people on the show... more

Mike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, which have been translated into fourteen different languages, and his brand new book, Nothing Changes Until... more

Our patterns for Intimacy begin in our very earliest years. Some of them lead us to war in relationships instead of love, to feel insecure (rather than safe), and to fear getting ?too close.? Dr. Stan Tatkin, a clinician, researcher and author, leads us... more

David Eby is a movie star. Well, he starred in one movie….?Finding Happiness?…that we featured on our show in January of this year. The beautiful and soul-satisfying music in that film was often conducted or created... more

When I called Shirley Sanders to ask her if she would like to appear on this show, she was giddy and happy. She was turning 83 the following day; and she'd just returned from a very successful book signing for her very first book, "Sessy's... more

There is no way you cannot be part of the ?spiritual explosion? that is now occurring! It's making some things much harder, yet opening doors to places and abilities we never thought possible or reachable for us humans. This has GOT... more

Chat and Warm-up Music starts at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern. Ilene and her Guest(s) start the interviews at 9am Pacific, 12-noon Eastern. Lots of e-mail crosses my desk. But when I received a message from Julie, I just knew we... more

How often have you wished—whether your mother is still living, or she is not—that you could get some ?just right? advice or communication from her to help you through your life? Tyler Hayden recognized that many, many of... more
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