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This is the second part in a two part series... re-edited to remove the echo that was being picked up due to reverb or delay of broadcasting with NWO... This version is much cleaner...THIS IS NOT A LIVE BROADCAST


Part ll of the three part series: Nikola Tesla "The Mastermind of Modern Technology" was known in his communities as a genius born from not this world. He was so far advanced in his thinking that some people believe he was a time Traveler...However, what is known for sure is that he was the father of Modern Technology and given credit for over 1000 patents.. some of which include the AC model of a Battery .  Free Energy, The Tesla Coil..wireless electricity to name a few... but not all of his inventions were put to good use... we will examine his background and  a list of his patents and those he was credited for...anbd those he was not.  We will also examine his ideals and his true humanitarian mission for the planet... as well as the conspiracy theory that H.A.A.R.P is the direct result of one of Tesla's stolen patents that ended up in the hands of the US Governent shortly before his death.

Many scientist of his day have taken credit for his work such as Thomas Edison and the lot.  his direct involment with funding from JP Morgan would be his ultimate demise.  Please join me for another episode of Foxfire Fringe!  and explore one of my favorite inventors of all time.. maybe even the most incredible of all the inventors known to man.  Host and owner of NWO - Truth Radio: Brandon Counsil will be joining us today with insight and education on the subject.  He has an education in Law, Chemistry and Physics from Browne University and quite an interesting truth fighter....who loves all things Nikola Tesla.   This is the second part of the Three part series.