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Four Elements United

Four Elements United


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Two Wise Women - Will have a live panel of Husbands Discussing their perspective on Marriage. We will have a panel of Husbands providing answers to FAQ & discussing the benefits of marriage, trust & supporting their leadership, the impact of a disrespectful & controlling wife, what is disrespectful behavior and much more. Tune into the Show if You Want to Know & Grow Follow us on: Twitter: @JaiDeiJackson @TheWivesInc Instagram: Like us on Facebook: You Are Worthy, Inc The Wives Inc Check out our websites: www.YouAreWorthy.org www.TheWivesInc.com
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Joint the Elements as we discuss whether you are dreaming great dreams and not accomplishing them or dreaming and taking actions to accomplish your dreams.

Do you want to be married or be in a long-term committed relationship? Or have you just given up on love all together because it is to much work, to hard, to.... What if what a man is looking for in a lifetime partner you weren't aware that he... more

Join the Elements as we discuss the Power of Decision. What happens in you lfe when you made a decision?

Understanding the difference between needs and wants in relationships What is a Need? What is a Want? Why is it important to understand the difference between needs and wants? What can happen when you do not know or understand How... more

Join the Elements as we discuss the power of the mind. How powerful is your mind regarding shaping your existance and how the world presents itself to you?

Join the Elements as we discuss Enjoying Life

Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, It's Getting Complicated & Controversial Every human being has feminine & masculine energy, no controversy in this statement but bring up the topic of homosexuality & watch how the conversation... more

Join the Elements as we discuss how to be Happy, Fulfilled, and Satisfied.

Join the Elements as we exploee the Law of Attraction. What is the Law of Attraction? Does it work? How is it applied in reality?

Dating 101 It means difference things for difference people. Some communities frown upon dating whereas other states the only purpose for dating is to find a wife/husband. It appears dating has taken a turn or has it? Date: a social... more