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FougCrew is a Christian Talk-Radio, outreach ministry for everyone. Topics to both minister and challenge in a togetherness way.

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SAUL Resents David

Jesus made the first choice. He chose to love and to die for all of mankind.He chose to invite us to live with Him forever. We make the next choice either to accept or reject His offer .Remember without His choice, we would have no... more

Coach Joe Paterno has been on the hearts of many students and players of the past and present with his life coming to an end at the age of 85 years old.There have been and still are some great coaches in all levels and of all sports in our... more

Do you use the so-called "Christian" tag both to proudly be called as one and to proclaim yourselves as one? Did you know that the word "Christian" appears only three times in the New Testament (Acts 11:27, Acts 17:28 and 1Peter 4:16).... more

How can we have confidence and courage to face all of our circumstances and challenges that come upon us all? If we are followers in Jesus Christ, He is in us as well to give us the power to meet every demand. King David used... more

We are now Christians and have accepted God's greatest love for mankind. The gift of salvation found in none other than the sacrificial lamb Himself ..."Jesus". This act of love all by itself should make us truly understand in John 15:12 -13... more

Ok , the Tim Tebow talk has died down, since his team the Denver Broncos were eliminated this past week by the New England Patriots.Yet in the world of Christian Athletes there are many more moments to talk about especially in the... more

"Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!"

Well, Tim Tebow is in the headlines in all of the sportsworld and has been for the past several weeks.However there have been a ton of inspiring Christian Sports Stories of 2011.Listen "Live" to "CSTR -With Joe Curtis (Christian Sports Talk... more

So you wake up in the morning and you are ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Another day of pleasing others so we can feel needed and wanted in a world we are always trying to fit in.Are you trying to do this all yourself and for... more