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FougCrew is a Christian Talk-Radio, outreach ministry for everyone. Topics to both minister and challenge in a togetherness way.

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["On Demand" Episode Tonight (not "LIVE"): This show is archived and pre-recorded. Do not call in] Past mistakes can be an enormous asset IF you treat them as David did. He saw them as things he could use for his future... more

["On Demand" show. Pre-recorded. Do not call in.] You think you know about John the Baptist? Think again. After 2000 years, he's still one of the most mysterious and confusing personalities in Scripture. On the one hand, he's... more

["On Demand" Episode: Pre-recorded. Do not call in.] The prophet Isaiah has a moral lesson for modern America. Writing to Israel 2700 years ago he speaks with alarm of the rising world power: Assyria. Fierce, warlike and irreverent, they had... more

["On Demand" episode. Pre-recorded.] Christians claim that God is both a Unity and a "Trinity": This makes absolutely no sense to either Muslims or Jews. In fact, inSEEMS to violate a law of logic called "The Law of Non-Contradiction": that a... more

["On Demand" Episode: Pre-recorded. Do not call in.] WHO are the descendants of Abraham today, and why does it matter? Both Bible and Qu'ran make competing claims on this, and though it is mainly a RELIGIOUS question, it... more

["On Demand" Pre-recording! Do not call in tonight.] The Book of Judges has some of the weirdest stories you'll ever find in the Bible. It was a time of moral coarseness, of gross spiritual decline. In just two generations the covenant... more

["On Demand" episode. Pre-recorded. Do not call in.] Quite a few synagogues today have a replica of the Ten Commandments prominently featured, mounted just about where you'd see a Cross if you were in a Church instead.... more

[This is an archived show: it's pre-recorded tonight; not "LIVE"]Years ago, I talked with a rabbi about Isaiah chapter 53. I said to him that that that chapter seemed to be speaking of Jesus of Nazareth prophetically. I remember the... more

[This show is "ON DEMAND" and pre-recorded.] Her name, for the purpose of this Internet radio interview, is Ms.Q. For converting from Islam to faith in Jesus 15 years ago, she remains anonymous in media interviews. She faithfully served as... more

["On Demand" Episode. This show is pre-recorded.] Talk to 5 people on the street and ask them what the phrase "The Handwriting On the Wall" means. They'll have some idea because it's become part of American colloquialism. But ask them... more