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FougCrew is a Christian Talk-Radio, outreach ministry for everyone. Topics to both minister and challenge in a togetherness way.

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"The voice of thy brother's blood CRIETH unto Me from the ground," God said to Cain. This is the first instance in history of the shedding of innocent blood. What does that mean for us today? Just Old Testament history from a barbaric and... more

Today we will be discussing near death experiences. What about Christians who are worldly and carnal and how can we avoid being like that, but instead, walking close to God? When we stumble into sin and become trapped in it, how can we... more

Christ in the Passover "The Last Supper", that famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, shows Christ and the disciples eating a meal at a long table in straight-backed chairs. But most Christians aren't aware that they didn't just sit... more

Would you be willing to die for your faith? Again, there is a special blessing to those who read, hear, and keep those things which are written in this Book. So come listen and get your blessing! Join us as we will be discussing the Book of... more

Maybe you've "been there"? A situation in life that's heart-stopping, so abrupt, that it changes your whole paradigm on living, confronts you with reality, and impels you to change course. Church people often speak of a "Damascus-road"... more

What does God desire most from us? He desires that we love Him and have a loving relationship with Him! Are you working for God but have not been loving Him as you should? Are you having problems in your marriage? What does... more

St. Paul, finding himself in the midst of controversy yet again and slandered by malcontents in the very church he had started, is forced to defend his ministry at a distance through a lengthy letter which we now know as "II Corinthians." While... more

The Lesson of Purim Purim was this past Sunday. Did you miss it? Well, it's easy to miss. After all, it's only celebrated by Jews, right? But it SHOULD mean something to you if you're a Christian because it's in the Bible, in the Book of... more

Is the God of the Old Testament the same God as in the New testament? How can a God of love bring judgment? This chapter contains the only physical description of Jesus. Again, there is a special blessing to those who read, hear,... more

The Kingdom Principle of Use "Use it, or loose it," is one way to describe it: the Kingdom Principle of Use. You don't even need a Bible to tell you there's a law in the universe so basic to the essence of thing. But you DO need a Bible to... more