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FougCrew is a Christian Talk-Radio, outreach ministry for everyone. Topics to both minister and challenge in a togetherness way.

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["On Demand" show: this broadcast is pre-recorded. Do not call in.] You think you know about John the Baptist? Think again. After 2000 years, he's still one of the most mysterious and confusing personalities in Scripture. On the one hand, he's... more

How to Pray for Evil Rulers [LIVE call -in show for Thursday 04/23/15] Scripture tells us to pray for our national and regional leaders. In fact, it's rather detailed about how and why to do this. But I sometimes hear this from Christians: "How... more

Encore Presentation for Thurs. 04/16/15; 9:30 pm DST! This show is PRE-RECORDED (not "LIVE"/Do not call-in). The most listened-to show on this internet station for 3 years. Her name, for the purpose of this Internet radio... more

Rev. Rick Anderson: Conference Speaker & Presenter: www.scripturesdramatized.com Bill O'Reilly is on a roll. At least as an author he is. So far, I've read Killing Lincoln, Killing Patton, and I even suggested on his... more

[Archived show: not "LIVE". Do not call in tonight.] How do you share your faith with people from a different faith? St. Paul did it with the Athenians on Mars Hill 2000 years ago in Acts chapter 17. He communicated the gospel in clear and... more

[This is an archived show. Not "LIVE". Do not call in.] What does it mean to be "Light of the World" and "Salt of the Earth"? This is what Christ called his followers. When most people call someone "salt of the earth" today, what they... more

Who hasn't heard of the Parable of the Prodigal Son? It's one of the most well-know parables that Christ ever gave. But the parable's only called by that name because of church tradition. Jesus never called it that. It's just... more

(This is an archived show: it's pre-recorded tonight; not "LIVE".) Years ago, I talked with a rabbi about Isaiah chapter 53. I said to him that that that chapter seemed to be speaking of Jesus of Nazareth prophetically. I remember the... more

The Church has lost something by neglecting its Jewish roots. If ever you needed a reason to study the Jewish Bible in order to understand the Christian gospel, you'd find it with the Feast of Tabernacles. Unless you understand something of... more

The religions that man invents are all religions of self-justification; every single one of them. That's what they all have in common. The radical difference between these and New Testament faith is this: it is GOD who justifies, and God alone.... more