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FOTWAY broadcast Violet Flame Saturday's every Saturday at 10AM Pacific, 11AM Mountain, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern, 6PM London time - We also have a talk show that will be starting up again in October with amazing interviews with amazing people on week nights. You can check out the archives below (and browse previous pages) to tune in and in-tune to past episodes of FOTWAY radio and our interviews with great people, as well as Violet Flame Saturday's. FOTWAY Radio: Celebrating the Light in You! Interviews on Tuesday's and Thursday's This show is for those who are interested in and/or who follow the Way within, the Tao, the Light of Divinity and Oneness. The Way seers, the Way walkers, the followers of the Way, the keepers of the flame, the Way of the sage, the Way of the Christ, the Way of the Buddha, the Way of the Ascended Masters and he Violet Flame, the Way of Ascension, the Way of Liberty and Creative Self expression, those who choose to magnify the Light in Life, the lovers of Truth and the Ones who choose to Be.

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Today we celebrate Christmas 2013 with Violet Flame Saturday for the Resurrection of Christ within! The Christ Consciousness is born within as Jesus demonstrated so shall we as we choose to BE. Today's booklet available here.... more

Today we give the Violet Flame for God Peace to manifest throughout our planet including in our governments, our countries, our cities, our living rooms and our world. TODAY's Booklet Available here Bob mentions his upcoming pilgrimige... more

A special Violet Flame Saturday to welcome in the season of the Christ Mass - and to help us connect with the inner Guru and the Christ Self within. TODAY's Booklet Available here! Includes: Commuinity, Song, Guided Meditation,... more

Violet Flame Saturday - DEDICATION TO THE DIVINE MOTHER! CLICK HERE FOR TODAY's BOOKLET Violet Flame Saturday is a weekly service to the Light complete with community, song, insights, decrees, prayers and many cosmic... more

Violet Flame for the Abundant Life! with Mother Mary. Click here for today's booklet Together we work with the Light of the Violet Flame and the Archangels to help humanity remember and awaken to the Divine Abundant Life within.... more

This Saturday we connect with the Seven Archangels and their Archeia in giving the Violet Flame for planetary and personal Healing, Protection, Freedom and Awakening ~ CLICK HERE FOR TODAY's BOOKLET! Included: Angelic... more

Violet Flame Saturday is BACK with Soul Healing Download Booklet Here! Today we focus on Soul Healing with a beautiful and powerful two hour show, community gathering and service. We'll have song, meditation, decrees and discussions.... more

TODAY at 10AM Pacific Time, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern. TODAY's Booklet available here. Join us for a Special program today to pray together and bring the Violet Flame into Freedom & Liberty for the United States and bringing forth the... more

Today we are going to be exploring compassion and forgiveness with Kwan Yin and the Ascended Masters and how to forgive ourselves and others in this powerful time of transformation on the planet. Is there someone you need to... more

The Violet Flame Hour is a new show dedicated to the power of the violet flame. These shows will focus on the transmuting power of the violet flame to affect change and transformation of our personal consciousness and our planetary... more
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