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Followers of the Way

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FOTWAY broadcast Violet Flame Saturday's every Saturday at 10AM Pacific, 11AM Mountain, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern, 6PM London time - We also have a talk show that will be starting up again in October with amazing interviews with amazing people on week nights. You can check out the archives below (and browse previous pages) to tune in and in-tune to past episodes of FOTWAY radio and our interviews with great people, as well as Violet Flame Saturday's. FOTWAY Radio: Celebrating the Light in You! Interviews on Tuesday's and Thursday's This show is for those who are interested in and/or who follow the Way within, the Tao, the Light of Divinity and Oneness. The Way seers, the Way walkers, the followers of the Way, the keepers of the flame, the Way of the sage, the Way of the Christ, the Way of the Buddha, the Way of the Ascended Masters and he Violet Flame, the Way of Ascension, the Way of Liberty and Creative Self expression, those who choose to magnify the Light in Life, the lovers of Truth and the Ones who choose to Be.

On-Demand Episodes

Now is the only opportunity for Presence. This is an eternal Truth. Those that know it can choose to accept the opportunity that NOW! will always provide. NOW! Decrees available here: www.anow.org/decrees Join us for 1.5 hours of... more

Violet Flame Saturday -- When everything around you seems to be falling appart, how to stand strong in the Light of your I AM Presence. Decrees are available at: www.anow.org/decrees Includes some music, meditation, decrees, discussion... more

How can we truly accept our Divine Plan? How can we receive a joyful experience from any life experience that we receive? DECREES AVAILABLE HERE: http://anow.org/decrees/ The challenges on the spiritual path are many. That... more

How to BE True to what is being inspired in your own Being. How to Trust your Self. How to Know. How to BE : ) DECREES AVAILABLE HERE: http://anow.org/decrees/ Today we give Decrees for the Aid and Assistance of... more

Violet Flame Saturday - How to make time for your Spiritual Practice in a busy world that is demanding your attention for 'the things of this world'. Learning to Trust the Flow of the Divine Light in your Life and to go with the flow of the Holy... more

Today we give the Violet Flame for the Awakening of Divine Light and Inspiration within. Let's join in the celebration of a Golden Age to BE Archangel Michael and Faith, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin and Jesus are focuses of this Divinely... more

Today we give the Violet Flame for the birth of peace that passes understanding. We gather the Light together now as we are choosing to remember who we are beyond the illusions of seperation and duality. We are the I AM within. Decrees... more

Violet Flame Saturday ~ Today we connect with the Light to empower Divine Intervention in our lives and our world. Decrees available here: www.ANow.org ~~~ Ascension NOW! is thy plan, the path is laid upon the sand, treasures... more

Violet Flame Saturday Decrees: http://anow.org/decrees/ Rhonda leads today's Victorious Outflow of the Violet Flame. Working with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Ascended Hosts. Call in the Light with Decrees. A blessing for... more

Violet Flame Saturday ~~~ Working with the Light of Heaven to bring forth the Truth that us Freedom to Be the Lights of the World. Decrees available here: www.anow.org/decrees I AM . Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, Mother Mary,... more
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