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Followers of the Way

FOTWAY - Followers of the Way


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FOTWAY broadcast Violet Flame Saturday's every Saturday at 10AM Pacific, 11AM Mountain, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern, 6PM London time - We also have a talk show that will be starting up again in October with amazing interviews with amazing people on week nights. You can check out the archives below (and browse previous pages) to tune in and in-tune to past episodes of FOTWAY radio and our interviews with great people, as well as Violet Flame Saturday's. FOTWAY Radio: Celebrating the Light in You! Interviews on Tuesday's and Thursday's This show is for those who are interested in and/or who follow the Way within, the Tao, the Light of Divinity and Oneness. The Way seers, the Way walkers, the followers of the Way, the keepers of the flame, the Way of the sage, the Way of the Christ, the Way of the Buddha, the Way of the Ascended Masters and he Violet Flame, the Way of Ascension, the Way of Liberty and Creative Self expression, those who choose to magnify the Light in Life, the lovers of Truth and the Ones who choose to Be.

On-Demand Episodes

Violet Flame Saturday - decrees, community, Light! Decrees available here: http://anow.org/ascension-now-decrees/ Today we work with Saint Germain, Archangel Michael and the Ascended Hosts to call in the Light to help make our... more

Violet Flame Saturday to help bring more gratitude into our lives and into our world. Ascension NOW! Decrees available here. From this Great Attitude - Abundance flows like a river from the heart of the Divine Mother herself! Today... more

Within our Heart we can find sacred space where the Peace is so great, it can be said to pass human understanding. www.anow.org/decrees As we find this divine peace within ourselves, let us send this peace throughout the planet so that the... more

Be the Christ. This is the theme of today's Violet Flame Saturday. Decrees available here: www.anow.org/decrees Violet Flame is a weekly show and service to the Light. Join us for community, Song, Inspiration, Decrees, Powerful... more

Violet Flame Saturday is Sunday today! www.anow.org/decrees Hope you can tune in and in-tune with the Light of the Divine Self who is Awakening in our very own Heart! This show is a call for the Awakening of the Light in our hearts, the... more

Today's Violet Flame Saturday is focused on attaining to inner Peace through Purification of thought, mind, heart, energy field, surroundings and action. Ascension NOW! Decrees are available here: http://anow.org/decrees/ Many... more

Violet Flame Saturday - Today Decrees available here: http://anow.org/ascension-now-decrees/ Today we celebrate the Divine Mother and her collective Awakening within us and our world. Join us for an hour of... more

Who needs more Self Love? Decrees available here: http://anow.org/ascension-now-decrees/ We can all use a little Divine Love and Light!~ Maybe even a lot! Today we create with the Pink Ray - the Ray of... more

Would you like to see and feel more Peace in your life? Are you open to experiencing more of your Divine Presence? Decrees available here: Ascension NOW! Decrees Violet Flame Saturday is an opportunity to connect with... more

Golden Age Radio - Today we give decrees, meditation, sharing about what it means to Be the Light of the World! Decrees available here: www.anow.org/decrees
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