Violet Flame Dedication to the Archangels for the Golden Age

Followers of the Way

Followers of the Way

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This Saturday we connect with the Seven Archangels and their Archeia in giving the Violet Flame for planetary and personal Healing, Protection, Freedom and Awakening ~


Included: Angelic Language Song and sharing and new friends

Now more than ever - it's time for us to call forth the Light of the Divine that never fails and together we enable the birth of a New Earth in a Miraculous and Beautiful Way ~and Now is that Time!

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We have the Power to Be the Change and through the exercise of the Spoken Word and Guided Heart Meditations we enable the Ascended Hosts and the Archangels to rally their Billions and Billions of Angels to help all souls on this planet Ascend Higher.

Time is running short - the Now is fully returning! Let us enter the Now together as One Force of Light for the whole of Creation! Each expressing our Unique and Divine Talents in Harmony with the Earth's Rising and Divine Plan

Gratitude for shining your Light and joining us in Decrees and Service to the Light!!

For each Heart and Call that joins in the Work - the empowerment for the Archangels can be Multiplied exponentially! So your joining makes a wonderful difference for the Light!

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