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Many of us often go about our daily lives wishing there was something more, wondering if it could more fun or just easier. Well, welcome to a place where the impossible becomes possible. Join hosts Christine DiDomenico and Simone Padur for a journey with dynamic guests, the pragmatic and practical tools of Access Consciousness© and questions that can get you on the road of discovery you always knew was possible.

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Is your life stagnant? Do you know that something has to change but you're not clear on what to change or how to change it? Andrew Gardella, Access Consciousness® Certified Facillitator, 3 day Body Class Facilitator, and licensed chiropractor is ready to give you a little nudge. Andrew is a master at giving people a little (or sometimes big) wedgie. What is a wedgie you might ask? Join us to find out more about what a wedgie is, that has nothing to do with underpants. If you are ready to get out from under the covers that are hiding you, then listen in to our show this week with our special guest. You can call in to talk to Andrew and request a wedgie at (713) 955-0424.
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