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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: Nava Atlas

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    Going vegan this holiday season? No need to fret when planning your festivities! Nava Atlas is here to share her favorite recipes that are free of animal products, yet just a scrumptious as the dishes grandma laid out each November and December. “I have one buffet that’s specifically for this time of year, the author of Vegan Holiday Kitchen tells The Jazzy Vegetarian host Laura Theodore. “It has sweet-and-spice pecans, garlic-and-rosemary roasted mushrooms, kale and carrot strudel, and creamy cracked pepper cheez—which isn’t a dairy cheese; it’s based on raw cashews. It’s an addictive concoction that I don’t even want to be left in the same room with. Also, a hot artichoke and white-bean spread.  And for Hanukkah, I make vegan latkes, which are held together by either cooked oatmeal or cooked keema flakes.  That works just as well as egg.  No one can ever tell the difference.”

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    test 2

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    Women On the Line

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    My interview with blogger, farmer, and documentarian Natasha Bowens. 

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    Eat Out for FREE by Rating Restaurants' Food Safety!

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    Do you love to eat out as much as we do?  Have you ever gotten sick after eating out?  Did you know people are hospitalized and some die every day from food poisoning?
    In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Harlan Stueven, a Medical Doctor specializing in Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology and Founder of DiningGrades.com, the issue of food poisoning and specific steps you can take to avoid it when eating out.
    For those who eat out regularly, we also share how you can become a part of the solution through rating the restaurants you patronize, and in doing so, how you could sometimes eat out for free!
    Visit our blog here for the two clips we had to cut from the interview, in the interest of time.
    At the beginning of the show, I referenced a previous show about how healthy foods sometimes make us sick if we have food sensitivities.  You can listen to the replay of that episode here!

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    Spotlight on small business: Dr. Sonja Ogletree- Santani

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         In The Name Of Love Foods is proud to promote small businesses and  share information that is useful and beneficial to our community.  Today's spotlight on small business will cover business consulting, planning, and strategy for starting any business.
        Dr.  Sonja Ogletree- Satani owner of Corporate Cycle Consulting,  is a business coach, professor at Miller Motte Technical College and ECPI University, a retired Air Force Veteran, a  member of Leadership Dorchester Class of 2013 and President of The American Business Women's Association Jessamine Chapter.  Corporate Cycle Consulting was named 2013 Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and is one of the finalist for the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce 2013 Small Business of the Year.
    Corporate Cycle  Consulting, LLC will be hosting a business strategy seminar "How to Grow And Save My Business" on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Charleston Airport/ Convention Center from 9am-3pm. Registration is $75 in advance and $100 at the door. Visit www.corporatecycleconsulting.com or call 843-608-9614 for more information.
    Listeners of this show can receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation when you call our office to schedule your appointment. Additional fees will be charged after the allotted time.
    Visit In The Name of  Love Foods online at www.inthenameoflovefoods.com for the latest updates.

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    Nature's Food Patch Voluntarily Labels GMOs

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    Listen in as I interview Patience Melton, the GMO Researcher at Nature's Food Patch Market & Cafe in Clearwater, Florida.  She'll let us know what their plans are regarding the labeling of GMOs. 

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    The Starving Artist - Back To School Lunches

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    Join us for Lunch Week! We have some great tips on eating healthy and well whether at work, on the go or as today's title suggests, preparing lunch for the kids going back to school.

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    Test Intro Show

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    Test Intro Show to get to know the personalities.

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    Farm to Table with North Quabbin Co-Operative

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    No Boundaries Radio welcomes Amy Borezo.  Founder and Chairman of the board for the North Quabbin Co-Operative.  Five years strong, the North Quabbin Co-Operative serves an often underserved region with fresh produce from local farmers year-round.  Located in the Orange Innovation Center the organization is expanding.  Surrounded by friends and dignitaries the group recently announced a major initiative to expand to a downtown location.  Hear why their mission is important and what makes them unique among other local food organizations.


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    Guest Karen Troisi of Jean Edwards Cellars Winery

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    Your hosts Jodi @jodifritch and Larry @grillnovice discuss food, wine, beer, and other miscellaneous topics.
    This is a weekly fun and casual chat for foodies and wine geeks with two passionate 'tasters' from Tampa, Florida.
    This week's guest Karen Troisi of Jean Edwards Cellars, Napa Valley, California

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    Just Cook It - Episode 6

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    On The Menu - Mario and Bill talk about the new development in the Paula Deen situation and they also discuss this weeks food holidays which include National Fried Chicken Day, National Sugar Cookie Day, and more! Mario also shares 5 suprising food lies.Just Cook It Radio every Saturday at 9AM on 590 AM WMBS and at JustCookItRadio.com!

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