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    Ruby Jewel Ice Cream and Fresh Corn

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    Lisa Herlinger quietly started making ice cream sandwiches after work, in the cafe where she cooked. Her hand-made, seasonal flavors took off and soon enough she had a growing business on her hands, Ruby Jewel. Today there are three Ruby Jewel Scoop Shops around Portland, and you can find Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches in retailers city wide in cluding where it all started, at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU. Lisa and her sister Becky join me to chat about building their business, how much ice cream they let their kids eat, and their favorite eats around town. 
    The Marshall’s are back and talking fresh corn! This seasonal favorite is at its peak, and whether you choose to eat it off the cob, shave it off to mix into summer dishes, or put it up, Sarah and Dirk have recommendations to make the most of it.  

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    In Conversation with Bison & Bourbon's Chef Cyndi Stanimirov

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    Born and raised in Queens, NY Chef Cyndi Stanimirov has always been passionate about cooking. It started at a young age peeling potatoes while her mother made Sunday dinner. Her culinary education continued at  at Johnson and Wales University in North Carolina where she obtained an AS in Culinary Arts. Next she went to Drexel University to get a BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a minor in business. My dream has been and will always be to owner my own restaurant. 
    Chef Cyndi came to Bison and Bourbon back in May of 2016, less than 1 month before it opened. It was a chef's dream. A brand new restaurant with a concept she could help develop and a menu that could be created from scratch. It was a lot of hard work and her first kosher experience, so there was a lot to learn. Tonight, the Chef will share with us about that learning journey.

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    C-CAP Nutrition Camp 2016 Day 1

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    Culinary instructors report all about the Summer Camp experience @ Uinversity of Chicago. We have a action packed schedule of activities, work experience, industry exposure, chef instructions, team buliding exercises, team projects, exercise, and socialization. Take a listen about what went on this morning. 

  • 01:30

    Plum luv foods season 5 ep 7 Magician Kevin Nicholas aka The Modern Mentalist

    in Food

    Plumluvfoods is back this week after a little hiatus with a cool a guest the Modern Mentalist Kevin Nicholas.
    Kevin began honing his craft at thirteen years old. Within two years he was already an international award-winning magician and on his way to captivating audiences around the world with his illusions. Constantly improving and practicing daily, Kevin’s dedication to his craft has brought him throughout the world to perform his own brand of magic known as Modern Mentalism.
    What do a Chef and a Magician have in common? Find out on this episode!!

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #87 Buffet Style (this & that)

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Ep #87 Buffet Style (this & that)
    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com
    on this show...ROB Local Beer store opening with a new twist..
    SHAWN Things You Can Make With A Can Of Pumpkin
    ROB Ranch Dressing food upgrade and the Chefs very own lighter ranch dressing recipe
    SHAWN A funny confession about drunk vegetarians
    We can't wait to celebrate food with you once more. we are coming to an end of this season next show after this one. We will be back to have another 22 episodes of food fun with you. LIVE in the first week of SEPT

  • 01:10

    GRILLIANT IDEAS RADIO, with the Dynamic Food Duo

    in Food

    Welcome to Another Episode of GI Radio!
    With John Dilley and Frank Price (The Dynamic Food Duo)
    It's Raw, Unscripted, and we are sure to make you laugh about food!
    Our Guest This Evening is: "THE PSYCHIC CHEF"  Patrick Fetters! 
    He's a Psychic Medium and a Sexologist..So of course he's a regular on our show!! 
    If you have not heard his story..don't miss this show!
    Check out  Patrick's website: 
    http://Patrickfetters.com/ Thanks for Listening and come back each Friday night plus listen to the Replays!
    Check out Defcon Products at: www.Defconsauces.com

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    The Business of Edible Insects -- with Lars Baugh (LithicNutrition.com)

    in Food

    Edible insects are becoming an emerging topic within food, both for their potential environmental sustainability and nutritional value. Currently, most of the discussion on the topic revolves around the speculation of insect cultivation, but this episode goes in a more entrepreneurial direction.... What's it like to try to sell insect based foods? And how can you convince consumers that they should eat more bugs?
    Lars Baugh, the co-founder of Denver based Lithic Nutrition, works to normalize the consumption of insect based nutritional foods amongst athletes, with his company that currently sells cricket protein powders and bars. 

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    Food and Drink Series: w/Andy Humphries Toms Moms Syrup

    in Food

    Toms Moms is a small specialty food company based in Centreville, VA that produces an all-natural pancake syrup in a variety of delicious flavors: Apple Harvest, Cinnamon Vanilla, Red Raspberry, and Wild Blackberry.  Toms Moms values high quality all-natural products that taste amazing, products that are made in the USA, and family.  Although Toms Moms is only a couple of years old, the demand and enthusiasm for their product line has exploded since it was launched 2 years ago at the Virginia Finest Food Show.  You can learn more about Toms Moms at http://tomsmomsfoods.com

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    A pound of salt, a jug of wine, and... herbs?

    in Food

    The restaurant scene in my town is incredible - creative, diverse, and always changing. When out to dinner one night, we happened upon a very simple condiment with an equally simple - and delicious -  twist. Salt, wine, herbs, oil... and bread. Let's talk about ancient things with some Creativity applied!

  • 01:54

    Chewing The Fat with Big and Beefy | Comeback Kitchen Recap | Food Network Star

    in Food

    On this episode of CTF Big and Beefy go over Chef Rob Burmeister (BIG) , The Lunch Ladys Debut on Food Network Star Comeback Kitchen 2.
    Crabs Benny and Peanut Butter Bacon Deep Fried Bread Pudding on a stick is what they will talkin bout!
    Rob gives the low down on his fellow finalists
    Follow us on twitter @CTFBBPodcast @sichefrob

  • 00:52

    Food A Holick - Kids In The Kitchen - Jay and Jack

    in Food

    Tim's grandsons, Jay and Jack are on the show to talk about what they like best about cooking AND eating out.  They are funny and the love to be with their grandparents

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