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    Guest Karen Troisi of Jean Edwards Cellars Winery

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    Your hosts Jodi @jodifritch and Larry @grillnovice discuss food, wine, beer, and other miscellaneous topics.
    This is a weekly fun and casual chat for foodies and wine geeks with two passionate 'tasters' from Tampa, Florida.
    This week's guest Karen Troisi of Jean Edwards Cellars, Napa Valley, California

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    Just Cook It - Episode 6

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    On The Menu - Mario and Bill talk about the new development in the Paula Deen situation and they also discuss this weeks food holidays which include National Fried Chicken Day, National Sugar Cookie Day, and more! Mario also shares 5 suprising food lies.Just Cook It Radio every Saturday at 9AM on 590 AM WMBS and at JustCookItRadio.com!

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    All American Patriotic Food Jam

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    Join me Steve Mendoza as I celebrate America, Americans and All things AMERICA! We will be cookin, laughin' and drinkin as usual. So stand up and salute you AMERICAN you!

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    Cooking With CLASS

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    Learn how to cook with Creativity, Love, Attitude, Simplicity, and Soul with GFCF Chef Tom Dickinson as he shows you that GFCF is not only delicous, but affordable. 

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    Asha Gomez (Cardamom Hill)

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    Cardamom Hill launched in January 2012 in Berkeley Heights, an Atlanta neighborhood between upscale Buckhead and the burgeoning Westside. An instant success, the restaurant received praising reviews from John Kessler of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Christiane Lauterbach of Atlanta magazine, and Besha Rodell and Cliff Bostock in Creative Loafing. The acclaim universally acknowledged Asha’s pioneering spirit for opening a finer dining venture that focuses on one region of India, a rarity in the U.S.
    The communal setting in which Chef Asha Gomez learned to cook remains a vital source of inspiration, and she especially enjoys introducing the cuisine and culture of Kerala through cooking classes she teaches nationwide. The classes she teaches monthly at Cardamom Hill sell out consistently.
    Her Kerala fried chicken, Cardamom Hill’s signature, has been a draw at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival the last two years and won the People’s Choice award at the city’s first annual Mother Clucker Fried Chicken Festival. She has also been showcased in feature stories in the Atlantan and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and her recipes will have appeared in issues of Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and Country Living.  Most recently Cardamom Hill was named one of Bon Appetit’s 50 Best New Restaurants as well as on the 2013 James Beard Semi-Finalist List of 20 Best New Restaurants.  Asha was also named one of the 2013 Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chef - People’s Choice semi-finalists. 
    Most recently Asha launched a new “culinary conversation” called The Third Space, opening in Atlanta – April 2013.

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    Fast food weekly

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    fast food comparison

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    Allergies, Sinus and Hay Fever

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    Hello family, it's that time of year again, yea, the old dreaded allergy season. From now until September people will be suffering from,  fresh cut grass, pet dander, pollen, blooming flowers, plants and trees, the dirty ac systems in our homes and much, much more. But, listen up everybody there is hope. We don't necessarily have to spend the entire Spring and Summer indoors, nor do we have to spend all of our money on pharmaceuticals.  There are some natural remedies that have been proven to work, you just need to take a little time and find what works for you. Everything may not work for everyone, simply because people's bodies react differently, to different things. Join us as we attempt to ease your suffering this season, you may be glad you did.
    Disclaimer - As usual, I am not a Doctor, but rather a concerned man of God, only wanting to help others through my experience and research. I am a 30+ year veteran of the culinary industry with a vast knowledge of food.

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    Food Labels

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    Discussing the misconceptions of organic food labels 

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    The Dangers of Aspartame

    in Food

    Ever wonder why cancer, allergies, infertility and all types of rare diseases are popping up in American families all over the country? It may have everything to do with the conventional food in your cupboards known as GMO. Join Fisher Journal Presents hosts Robert and April Fisher as they discuss what foods are plaguing Americans with countless diseases.

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    Cooking With Essential Oil

    in Cooking

    Rebecca shares about cooking with essential oils and how essential oils can be used in the kitchen to spice up your favorite dishes. For more information on how to obtain essential oils regarded as safe for cooking and therapeutic use, please visit http://healwithessentialoil.com.  

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    It's A Woman's World - well sort of...

    in Food

    Couponing isn't only for women, though women do it most often - here are some reasons the men might want to get involved as well - Join us to see why.

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