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  • 01:30

    Plum Luv Foods Season 4 episode 25 Adam Poch Returns

    in Food

    On this episode we check in with the bacon minister himself Adam Poch. Adam is just recently back from a huge bacon festival in Iowa called the Blu Ribbon Bacon Fest. We get all the lowdown on the event as well as whats new with the world of bacon. We also chat about some of the upcoming festivals coming up and if bacon is losing its allure in the culinary world! We also play what did you learn and check out some news on this episode of Plumluvfoods Live!
    Follow Adam on Instagram at Bacongurubb13 and of course @heavymetalteddy on Twitter

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    New Zealand Cookbook Author, Stu Frith discusses his "Taste bud testing"

    in Cooking

    Stu's Kitchen: taste bud testing:
    The cookbook is made up of basic New Zealand recipes that Stu Frith used throughout his life in the kitchen. He grew up on a farm in New Zealand and has a passion for food. Recipes included in this cookbook are Stu's Sunday Roast, beef patties, roasted veggies, pavlova and various delicious jams. Frith has created over 10 different types of jams and jellies from strawberry, boysenberry, plum, apricot, and onion chutney. Stu plan to debut his "Stu's Kitchen: Taste bud testing" cookbook during a visit to America in 2018. Stu is also an accompllished radio/media Host in New Zealand on the ICRadio Network. Below are links with more information about Stu's cookbook and to some delightful jam recipes. 

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    Wine Consultant Margie Goliak Says You CAN Control Your Business Destiny

    in Wine

    My guest is Margie Goliak is an Independent Wine Consultant for WineShop at Home, a licensed, bonded winery in Napa, California. She began her journey in 2012, and quickly fell in love with both the company’s exclusive artisan wines and the wine lifestyle! In her first year of business, Margie was honored with the prestigious Rising Star Award. This award is presented to a new Wine Consultant who has shown the most growth in their first year of business. Margie has continued to earn many company awards and achievements – from top in sales and recruiting, to leader development. In 2015 Margie was awarded the prestigious President’s Achievement Award, honoring the Wine Consultant who best exemplifies the company president’s high standards for excellence and personal ethics. Margie proudly and enthusiastically leads a nationwide team of independent Wine Consultants, and her greatest joy is found in helping others achieve their own personal success.
    To learn more about Margie, please her website at http://www.wineshopathome.com/margiegoliak
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    Let’s Talk Bone Broth — Nick Mares (owner “Kettle & Fire Bone Broth”)

    in Food

    I catch up with 20 year old Nick Mares, founder of the world’s first company to sell shelf-stable bone broth, to discuss the trendy new drink that is taking the health world by storm. We dig into the history of bone broth, what it is exactly, the nutritional claims, and why Nick’s product is different then the average carton of beef stock. We also touch on its culinary uses, and explain the painfully simple process of making your own delicious bone broth at home! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nick & Justin Mares started Kettle & Fire Bone Broth as the world’s first company to produce shelf-stable 100% grass fed bone broth. Their products are available on their website, as well as select Whole Foods and specialty grocery stores.  

  • 01:28

    Chef's Biography: Let's Learn about Gordon Ramsey!

    in Cooking

    On this show, let's learn about one of the most famous chefs in the whole entire world! On this show, Chef Alex will be talking about one of his many Culinary mentors, Chef Gordon Ramsey!  Come learn all about Gordon's past as to how he became a chef and what he has done!  Chef Ramsey is a famous Television chef who has his shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and Masterchef JR, and Hotel Hell. We will be talking all about Gordon Ramsey on this show! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to share your thoughts on Gordon Ramsey,  what you think of Gordon Ramsey, and more!

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    Paul & Diana Talk all about Cake!

    in Cooking

    The idea of City Cottage is simple. Started in the early 2000’s by Diana and Paul Peacock, circumstances meant we had to provide for our family on a very tight budget. Consequently, much of our food was home grown on an allotment. We kept hens and bees, grew vegetables and fruit and learned how to make cheese and sausage and other traditional food.Traditional because our grandparents and everyone before them in our families had more or less to do the same. The week Paul & Diana talk about the famous Victoria Sponge and some of the best cake recipes around.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show! For more info on Paul & Diana and to search through their recipes visit: http://www.citycottage.co.uk/

  • 00:30

    C-CAP Nutrition Camp 2016 Day 1

    in Food

    Culinary instructors report all about the Summer Camp experience @ Uinversity of Chicago. We have a action packed schedule of activities, work experience, industry exposure, chef instructions, team buliding exercises, team projects, exercise, and socialization. Take a listen about what went on this morning. 

  • 01:35

    Chewing The Fat w/ Big and Beefy| Valentines Day | Chocolate Bacon

    in Food

    The Boyz are back for another crazy episode. This time its the day before Valentines Day. What is in store for your fake holiday.
    The ZGuys Congratuate former guest and friend Damiano Carrera on his Citizenship
    Rob is back from California....... He Will Not Reveal anything lol...
    Follow us on Twitter @CTFBBPodcast

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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Sweet Potato Brownies with Caramel Pecan Sauce, is the featured recipe on this episode of REAL FOOD with Chef Val. These rich, sweet, brownies are gluten-free, flour less, vegan and sugar-free. Make sure to tune in this Thursday at 1 PM to start your journey to eating healthy.

  • 01:15

    Getting HOT In The Kitchen - Labor Day Replay

    in Food

    Dr. Dave™ and Venus Quintana are enjoying some time away this Labor Day 2016. Please enjoy this replay from last year, "The Flavors of Fall". After all, whether you like it or not ... Fall is indeed on the way!

  • 00:30

    A pound of salt, a jug of wine, and... herbs?

    in Food

    The restaurant scene in my town is incredible - creative, diverse, and always changing. When out to dinner one night, we happened upon a very simple condiment with an equally simple - and delicious -  twist. Salt, wine, herbs, oil... and bread. Let's talk about ancient things with some Creativity applied!

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