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    Plum luv foods season 4 ep 27 Meghan Harlow Edible magazine

    in Food

    On this episode we chat with Digital Editor for Edible magazine's Long Island Brooklyn Manhattan and East End. Meghan has seen a ton of food trends and can elaborate more on the the continual conversation about digital media. We also play "What did you learn" and check out whats off the Block brought to you by Hotbloxx cutting boards.

  • 01:11

    GI Radio- Frank Talk About Food & Defcon-versations with The Dynamic Food Duo!

    in Food

    Come Join The Fun On the Show Every Friday Night!
    This week's Special Guest is the One & Only Hoboken Eddie McCarthy
    There could not  be a better guest anywhere for St. Patty's Day!
    If you like it rough...hang on to your stove..this one could get hot!
    What's so special about Eddie's sauces?  Chef Edmund Patrick "Hoboken Eddie" McCarthy starts with the highest quality, fresh, all natural ingredients and mixes them with a secret array of herbs and spices to conjure up his taste bud-tantalizing sauces.  Never thickened with cornstarch or xanthan gum, you can taste the difference. There are no animal products, fats or oils. Chef Eddie, a master chef and certified caterer, takes his sauces very seriously.  He's spent years devising and concocting his brews.  Once you taste 'em, you'll be craving 'em!
    Also our musical guest is a fantastic Country Rock Band called: Guilty Pleasure Band
    Guilty Pleasure Band is a National recording band from Terra Alta WV. They have entertained crowds over the last 3 years and hold a portfolio of original songs that hook their devoted fans, plus reeling in new ones. This band definitely Rocks!
    John Dilley (Defcon) & Frank Price (Grilliant Ideas) say: Thanks to our guests and listeners for your support!
    Please check out our products!

  • 01:06

    "Buying Club" and "All Afrikan Empowerment Society" Dialogue

    in Food

    Welcome to the Ministry of Agricultures' Buying Club! Your host is Bro. Carlton Muhammad and his guest is Bro. La'quay L. Juel. Join the conversation as regards the infra structure necesary in the transition from colony to community... at 8:00p.m. Saturday (11/12/16). Enter the studio at 347-945-5454 or enter the chat room http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa
    To learn more about us and to support this program visit our farm anytime online at http://noimoa.com/blogtalkradio/  .....and we look forward to you being in the studio this evening and most of all your participation is very important!
    Contact program engineer at: news.research.communications@gmail.com

  • 01:39

    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy | Winter Storm Stella | Milk & Bread

    in Food

    Big and Beefy hunker down and get ready for Winter Storm Stella....
    What are the things you need to have in house during a storm?hicken Soup or Beef Stew or Chili? Which one do you prefer to make when snowed in?
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  • 00:31

    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Tune in to, REAL FOOD with Chef Val, to learn all about AQUAFABA! It is the latest, big craze in the vegan, healthy community. And Chef Val will be sharing her, Blueberry Muffins, using aquafaba in the recipe.

  • 01:28

    Chef's Biography: Let's Learn about Gordon Ramsey!

    in Cooking

    On this show, let's learn about one of the most famous chefs in the whole entire world! On this show, Chef Alex will be talking about one of his many Culinary mentors, Chef Gordon Ramsey!  Come learn all about Gordon's past as to how he became a chef and what he has done!  Chef Ramsey is a famous Television chef who has his shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and Masterchef JR, and Hotel Hell. We will be talking all about Gordon Ramsey on this show! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to share your thoughts on Gordon Ramsey,  what you think of Gordon Ramsey, and more!

  • 00:30

    C-CAP Nutrition Camp 2016 Day 1

    in Food

    Culinary instructors report all about the Summer Camp experience @ Uinversity of Chicago. We have a action packed schedule of activities, work experience, industry exposure, chef instructions, team buliding exercises, team projects, exercise, and socialization. Take a listen about what went on this morning. 

  • 00:31

    Wine Consultant Margie Goliak Says You CAN Control Your Business Destiny

    in Wine

    My guest is Margie Goliak is an Independent Wine Consultant for WineShop at Home, a licensed, bonded winery in Napa, California. She began her journey in 2012, and quickly fell in love with both the company’s exclusive artisan wines and the wine lifestyle! In her first year of business, Margie was honored with the prestigious Rising Star Award. This award is presented to a new Wine Consultant who has shown the most growth in their first year of business. Margie has continued to earn many company awards and achievements – from top in sales and recruiting, to leader development. In 2015 Margie was awarded the prestigious President’s Achievement Award, honoring the Wine Consultant who best exemplifies the company president’s high standards for excellence and personal ethics. Margie proudly and enthusiastically leads a nationwide team of independent Wine Consultants, and her greatest joy is found in helping others achieve their own personal success.
    To learn more about Margie, please her website at http://www.wineshopathome.com/margiegoliak
    Hi, I’m your host, Nichole Santoro of iMarketingSalon.com. Are you overwhelmed with marketing...thinking about a podcast, creating blog content, newsletters and social media? Not sure where to even begin? Let's Chat! Schedule Your FREE Online Marketing Clarity Session Here >> http://tinyurl.com/iMS30

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    Paul & Diana Talk all about Cake!

    in Cooking

    The idea of City Cottage is simple. Started in the early 2000’s by Diana and Paul Peacock, circumstances meant we had to provide for our family on a very tight budget. Consequently, much of our food was home grown on an allotment. We kept hens and bees, grew vegetables and fruit and learned how to make cheese and sausage and other traditional food.Traditional because our grandparents and everyone before them in our families had more or less to do the same. The week Paul & Diana talk about the famous Victoria Sponge and some of the best cake recipes around.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show! For more info on Paul & Diana and to search through their recipes visit: http://www.citycottage.co.uk/

  • 00:38

    Victor Mojica, President/CEO Bacchus International, LLC

    in Wine

    Walter Davis directs Ayanna Mojica's interview of Victor Mojica, President and CEO of Bacchus International, LLC. Bacchus International is an international wine importation and distribution company with focus on wines from Spain, Chile, Portugal and Brazil. The focus is on mid to high end premium wines from boutique wineries. Bacchus is involved with consulting for the various chamber of commerces from Spain and Portugal. They help small wineries prepare their wines for entry into the U.S. Market. Contact Victor at 917.796.0353 or email at Vitamo@aol.com. 
    Learn more about Walter Davis at http://www.WalterDavisEnterprises.com
    Learn more about Ayanna Mojica at http://www.AyannaMojica.com
    Obtain your own Internet TV channel at http://www.comf5.com/videoconsultant
    See our Television Broadcasts on YouTube on ELVideoLiberal channel. http://www.youtube.com/ElVideoLiberal
    Royalty Free Music by Danosongs.com

  • 00:55

    New Study Shows that "Gluten-Removed" Beer May be Unsafe for Celiacs

    in Food

    Beer has historically been made with grains (wheat, barley or rye) containing gluten proteins. In recent years, naturally gluten free beer brewed with alternative grains like sorghum, millet and rice has become available in the marketplace.
    There is another new category of beer called “gluten-removed;” these beers are made from barley in the traditional brewmaking style, and are not allowed to be labeled "gluten free" in the U.S., although local state laws may differ when the beers are not crossing state lines. Experts caution against celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity drinking these beers, since no scientifically validated testing yet exists which can adequately detect gluten in beverages like fermented beers.  
    A new research study conducted by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) shows that beers labeled “gluten-removed” may indeed not be safe for those with celiac disease. A first of its kind pilot study titled, “The Celiac Patient Antibody Response to Conventional and Gluten-Removed Beer,” was published online by the Journal of AOAC International, and was conducted by GIG at the University of Chicago’s Celiac Research Center. 
    Two authors of the study, Cynthia Kupper, CEO of the Gluten Intolerance Group and a registered dietitian diagnosed with celiac disease, and Laura Allred, Ph.D. and GIG's Regulatory and Standards Manager, join Jules on the show to discuss the impetus for the study, how the study was conducted, study results and what this means for celiacs and others sensitive to gluten as they search for safe gluten free products.

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