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This is where we have general talks about whats going on and whatever you wish to talk about. We also promote artist, dancers and poets to help spread the word!

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Dominique " OfficialNeek " Byrd was born in Feb 28, 1994. Raised in SouthEast Washington D.C. His first personal rap experience was at the age of 11. He and his cousin were playing and freestyling around and didn't know what they... more
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Just Chillin tonight!!!

Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Director and Editor, E-Jay Mills continues to redefine the word " Independent Artist ". E-Jay Mills (Eddie James Miller Jr.), was born on March 27, in Long Island N.Y.. Growing up in a musical family had... more

DuRance Ware is a Dallas-based RnB singer, who prior to 3 years ago you could find DuRance around Dallas performing with the Neo-Soul group he was in. With 2012 being a good start for the first year solo artist, 2013 has been a great 2nd... more

This is the last Poetry Night of the Year! Vanillasky will be taking us on a SOULTRY journey to help us stay warm through the month of december. Tune in to listen to some poetry and music, and feed your soul.......

Inspiring, Spiritual, and Food for the Soul are a few adjectives to describe the musical genius of Jameel 3rdSunSoul. Jameel is a native of Dothan, Alabama where his passion to sing, dance, and entertain was developed. When he was... more

Tonight with the help of this young man, we will attempt to begin to heal the gap between the church and "so called worldly" people. We will work together to try and answer some questions that we are all seeking. Tune in for a true treat.

Whats Cooking tonight? I wonder..........

Poetry Night indeed.

Join us in a night of music and talks
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