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Foil Hat Radio consist of: A various of entrust most individuals deny. This consist of facts that are denied. When facts are there but denied in fear. My senses outside of the fundamental five thrive and I feel a vibration or presence that WE ALL cannot deny. This is a discussion of the unknown! In bringing forth our third eye. I am your host: Agent Rah I am your co host: Agent Orange And together we are: Foil Hat Radio

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Tonight on FHR we will discuss UFO's, recent sightings, programs on TV/History Channel, Time Travel, Multi-Dimensional self, Energies, Shakrah, love and light, and much much more. We will have a few scheduled guest and take calls... more

FOIL HAT RADIO! Consist of A various of Entrust that MOST Individuals deny! Tonight we talk of the unknown and our feelings on people and their connections they make in this world. Many know of the unknown but deny. Is this... more

Welcome to our open discussion on all things paranormal. All are invited to listen, chat, and call in at ANY time! Agent Rah and Agent Orange are prepared to take you on another adventure into the unknown without fear. This is a late show... more

Welcome to another great show where we will continue our discussion and exploration of the unknown. We do not hesitate to consist of a various of entrust most individuals DENY! Feel free to chat in or call in at any time on our... more

Tonight Agent Rah and Agent Orange will be exploring, in light of a recent major sighting in China which caused public panic and airport shut down diverting flights, alien/UFO sightings. Is there a galactic community which a portion of... more

Hour 2! 7/10/2010 11:00pm - 12:00am RAH ORANGE!

Tonight Agent Rah and Agent Orange would like to invite you on a nice stroll down paranormal lane. This is an open forum/mic show with no scripting. We are seeking those who find the content interesting and wish to interact. Any... more

Friday 7/2, Captains Log 2010. This is agent Orange. Agent RaH has gone missing. Ive just woken up its like I blacked out. Things around me seem strange. I feel RAH I hear rah. Did this happen to him as well. Im in the middle of... more

Tonight we continue our exploration of the unknown! This is a make up as our first show in 3 weeks and we have loads to talk about! We will be exploring a whole gammit of topics and encouraging our audience to get involved! There is never... more