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Karen Hager

Out of the Fog with Karen Hager


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Join me every week for spiritual conversation with enlightening guests! I connect with intuitives, lightworkers, spiritual visionaries, and more.

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What if suffering isn't an indication of personal deficit, but a symptom of the way we focus on lack while systematically ignoring opportunities for abundance and well-being for ourselves and the planet? Laurie McCammon, author of Enough,... more

Negative thinking and self-doubt can create pain and anxiety that keep us from stepping into our power. Author and speaker Jennifer Lonnberg joins us to share her story of transformation. She believes that we can all find freedom and... more

EFT (also known as tapping) is an easy-to-learn, effective approach that can bring greater health, optimism and abundance into our lives. Author and practitioner Kathilyn Solomon will share powerful and practical exercises and real-life case... more

When you know yourself, you are free. You have a power and presence that radiates from deep within and shines out confidently into the world. Author and intuitive Sherrie Dillard knows that it takes courage to embrace your authentic... more

Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we have the ability to create in many different realities. As we continue to evolve, many practices from the past are no longer working. Author, mystic and teacher Maureen St. Germain... more

What if you could transform your life to one that you may never have allowed yourself to dream of? Author Jenny Mannion will share tools for change that take only a few minutes and can be accessed at any time. Jenny believes that living... more

We are here to be who we are and to shine our light into the world -- so why is it so hard? And why is it especially hard for those of us on the sensitive side of the spectrum? Creative living coach Jamie Ridler joins Karen to talk about ways to... more

Author and artist Lupa invites us to go beyond simply exploring the symbols of nature, encouraging us to bury our hands in the earth and work with the real thing. Lupa focuses on the interconnected ecosystem of totems: plants,... more

Award-winning author and spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey joins me for a transformative conversation about spiritual activism. In his latest book, "Radical Passion," Andrew hopes to bridge the divide between spiritual resignation and... more

After two decades working in palliative care, Stephen Jenkinson came to an astonishing conclusion: as a culture and a species, we are utterly unprepared to embrace death and the grief that comes with it. We avoid confronting it at all... more
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