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Camera, Men, Trigger & Kids: Sharon Haver & Brad Boles- FocusOnStyle Talk Radio

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Brad dishes about more Bravo reality cameras rolling out in the Hamptons. Sharon & Brad talk about metrosexual men's style fashion tips, summer beauty, and cool kid's clothing. There's always a surprise when those two start talking... Topics discussed: The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans auction- what about poor stuffed Trigger? Western design touches- find your inspiration Bravo Reality Alert in the Hamptons- who could the new RHoNYC be? Brad stumbled on an audition Millionaire Matchmaker in the Hamptons Jill Zarin & Bobby Zarin host Idrani Howard Stern & Beth's party People dressing too casual- the end of Casual Friday in many corporations Sharon's appearance on Martha Stewart Radio, this Friday 7:30 Am EST- Sirius Metrosexual Makeover- from Southern boy to Yankee Bubble Butts Hostess gifts- what to bring Combined bridal shower trend


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0:05 Sharon Haver

Hello. Good morning, everyone. This is Sharon Haver from focusonstyle.com, and welcome to Focus On Style Talk with me and Brad Boles, who you may know from the Real Housewives of New York. He's sort of our resident editor at large going around town gabbing, gossiping, bringing in all the information you want to know. He's going to be talking to us right now about the Hamptons.

0:33 Sharon Haver

Brad, are you on the line yet?

0:35 Brad Boles

I am on the line. Well, hello and good morning.

0:38 Sharon Haver

Hallelujah, you're on the line. How are you?

0:41 Brad Boles

I know, I can't believe you kept me on hold for so long.

0:44 Sharon Haver

Well, I have no way of doing it. When I call in --

0:50 Brad Boles

I thought you were getting me back.

0:53 Sharon Haver

Oh no, I'm not getting you back. If anyone was here last time, Brad was -- too bad we don't have like a slap sound -- he was 17 minutes late. So, like instead of double-snap, we have double-slap.

1:06 Brad Boles

Absolutely. So how was your week so far? I understood--? Go ahead.

1:12 Sharon Haver

No. First you ask a question, then you ask another question.

1:16 Brad Boles

I know, I know, I know, I know how fired you are up about the Roy Rogers trigger situation today.

1:21 Sharon Haver

Oh, I know. I am fired up about this. If everyone goes to Focus On Style, we have a little piece going up about Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Because I'm a city girl and I married a skier who came with this place in Wyoming and we had to redecorate it, obviously. What do I know about Western decor, and the more I would find out, the more I wasn't really that thrilled about it. It was like a land of tan and beige and blah. So, what everyone needs to know when they're either decorating, and you know this in some of your design work as well. Sometimes if you get stuck in a rut, you need something to inspire you to kind of motivate you, and uses your launch pad to go off, and perhaps fun.

2:09 Sharon Haver

So, what I did was the only thing I kept thinking of was like all those Wyoming songs with Dale and Roy and all that iconic Western imaging. So I became this mad hunt. Some people say like what would Martha do, what would Oprah do, what would Anna do. I would be like what would Roy and Dale do, and I just made it my little homage. So whenever we go out there it's always my wink-wink homage to Dale and Roy, and we have pictures of them, what we found on eBay on the mantle pieces and on the wall.

2:37 Brad Boles

Really? So what you're saying to me is when I come to visit you in New York City, Trigger's going to be in the living room?

2:45 Sharon Haver

No, not yet. You're jumping ahead. Now we have today at Christie's in Rockefeller Center--.

2:53 Brad Boles

They're saying that Trigger may go for 200,000. I think that's the minimum. I think it'll go for more than that.

3:01 Sharon Haver

I think it should be. I think somebody should donate him to the Smithsonian. But in case anyone doesn't know, the collection of the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum is up for auction right now. According to legend, when Trigger died, which was a day before his 31st birthday, Roy was so bereaved that he decided to have him stuffed in his rearing position, and he was this big attraction when they had the Dale and Roy Museum in Branson, Missouri. So he's up for auction now along with Bullet. I don't know. I think Roy's best outfit and Dale's best outfit and the animals should all be part of the Smithsonian or something. They say the problem is that in this economy, no museum would buy it.

3:45 Brad Boles

Well, that's really sad, actually.

3:47 Sharon Haver

It is very sad. What's even more sad is that with all the designers who copy them for Western inspiration, and we won't mention which one comes to mind immediately, that you think one of the designers would buy it and donate it, or that the family would have enough money to kind of take the loss on it. But obviously they don't Trigger's up for grabs.

4:10 Brad Boles

Well, there's also, don't forget, across this country, I don't know if a lot of you listeners understand this or know this, but there are iconic museums across this country. Have you been to the Rita Hayworth Museum? I mean talk about glamour. It includes her entire wardrobe--.

4:24 Sharon Haver


4:26 Brad Boles

Which one?

4:26 Sharon Haver

The Liberace.

4:28 Brad Boles

Of course you would, you dumb drag queen. I'd be a Rita Hayworth and you'd be a Liberace. Of course, what's wrong with this picture? Are you sure you're not a gay man?

4:40 Sharon Haver

No, I just have big feet. But you know that was what was so funny about all this. Yesterday when the photos were finally coming into me, my son is friends with Alan Vega from Suicide's little boy. They met at gymboree. They were the two kids that when that damn parachute came out and they start singing the Jelly Bean song, both the little boys would like power crawl over to door saying get me out of here basically. So they became the renegade friends. He was having a play date over there with Alan, and Alan was one of the kings of punk rock and he's termed the phrase. So I'm like Alan, look at these pictures, they're so cool. He's like, yeah, it looks like Western Liberace a go-go. I think he summed it up, but in a good way, Western Liberace a go-go. So I thought that was kind of--.

5:23 Brad Boles

Oh my God. What do you think about this androgynous in semi half drag queen on ice skates. What do you think about him? What's his name?

5:37 Sharon Haver

Oh, I know who you're talking about. But let's not mention his name so we don't get in trouble.

5:42 Brad Boles

Oh, we don't have to get in trouble. I mean when he's out in public he's got handbags and high heels. I mean what's the deal? We did that we that in the '80s and it was cool. I mean I'm not sure--.

5:53 Sharon Haver

"We?" A royal "we" as in a queen we?

5:56 Sharon Haver

Well, you had your heels on and I had mine on. But what I'm concerned about, I mean is he trying to bring the club kids back?

6:05 Sharon Haver

I think so. You know that's another thing. Remember last week I had that meeting in Rockefeller Center -- there are a lot of things going on at Rockefeller Center this week -- and that they were lined up overnight to see Lady Gaga. You know, when we went out back in the Fred Flinstonian days, those club kids were kind of crazy and wild and had so much imagination, and we were talking about this with your friend Lee Barry and the costumes. Now you kind of see those club kids rather mild and sedate and suburban by geezer standards.

6:38 Brad Boles

Of course.

6:39 Sharon Haver

It's kind of interesting. So maybe he is trying to get a little bit of their juices going and have them sort of--.

6:45 Brad Boles

Well, let's just hope he doesn't chop anybody up and throw them in the Hudson River.

6:50 Sharon Haver

Ew. Ew. Yeah, well remember when I asked them if they knew what the club kids were, one of them said "Wasn't that a movie?" I think luckily they don't do those drugs anymore, they do different ones.

7:01 Brad Boles

Right. Well, I had a great weekend in the Hamptons. It was quite fabulous, as you'll read in my column this week, if it ever gets up and running, God knows.

7:09 Sharon Haver

You need a faster editor, babe.

7:15 Brad Boles

Or somebody who's got a case of red bowl. Anyway, this weekend--.

7:19 Sharon Haver

I don't have a case of red bowl, I'm on a half a cup of coffee today. So--.

7:25 Brad Boles

Yeah, no, it was a great weekend. It started out on Saturday morning I ended up -- I'm doing the interior of a fabulous house in Bridgehampton, and it just so happens--.

7:34 Sharon Haver

And you won't tell me whose house it is.

7:36 Brad Boles

I can't. Not yet. But I will be able to soon. Don't worry, you guys will find out very soon.

7:40 Sharon Haver

You can't even give me initials?

7:43 Brad Boles

No, no, I can't because it's too obvious. So yeah, so I'm working on the house trying to get it ready, because she was doing a big birthday party on Sunday, and the doorbell rang and in front of my eyes was the camera crew that were casting for the Real Housewives of New York City for the new wives. So they have been out on the East end scouring. They've gone through 10 interviews, they've got five more to go and then they're going to make a selection. They're going to choose two. Those two housewives have to know each other -- that's the whole thread that they're connecting.

8:12 Brad Boles

So that's what's been going on in the morning. They were quite shocked to see me open the door and realize that I'm on the Housewives and so they just thought that was amazing. In the background I was directing tractors and gardeners and movers and this gorgeous, fabulous housewife who's being interviewed is running around in a fabulous dress dripping in diamonds. While all this is going on I'm directing traffic to all of the workmen in the background. So they got all this action on camera -- they loved us, they said they think she's in the running. So I immediately went home, took a shower, and I had to run to another girlfriend of mine who's a millionairess that's on the Millionaire Matchmaker, and walked into a whole room full of gorgeous single men and women. I ran into Indrani who is on that fabulous show on Bravo with her crazy husband, the photographers.

8:57 Sharon Haver

Was she there doing that? Was she there to get a match or she was just hanging?

9:05 Brad Boles

No, no. She was a guest. She was a guest of Bobby and Jill Zarin's last weekend so they were taking her all over the Hamptons. Of course, there was Howard Stern and Beth's party on Friday night because she's on the cover of Hampton Magazine. So that was really hot. So the East end's been like -- this is the season. This is like when everything is kind of rolling and happening.

9:29 Brad Boles

Yeah, so I'm in the city now because I had big production meetings about a very cool show that I'm talking about doing, so you all may be seeing--.

9:35 Sharon Haver

No, you didn't tell me about that -- yeah, you didn't tell me about that either. How was the meeting?

9:40 Brad Boles

Incredible. Unbelievable. It looks like it could go down very quickly. The premise of it is so cool. I can't get into it now. You know the premise, but our listeners don't yet.

9:50 Sharon Haver

I know there better be a stool for my butt to be sitting on right there on the panel.

9:55 Brad Boles

Absolutely there will.

9:58 Brad Boles

Now let's talk about something a little bit more interesting. I mean I'm out in the Hamptons, and any fashion forward trends that I've been seeing going on this summer, I don't know if it's the humidity out there -- I know the humidity in the city is doubly as bad -- but I've never seen those beach towns so casual. I mean these people are really in flip-flops. They're really in shorts and a little tee-shirt. They're not doing the full-on daytime fabulousness out there right now. I don't know if you're seeing the same trend in the city this summer.

10:26 Sharon Haver

Yeah. Yeah. Actually, I am seeing the same trend. Interesting segway because you don't even know the trending topic. But I'm going to be on Martha Stewart radio this Friday on Sirius--.

10:37 Brad Boles

I know you are.

10:38 Sharon Haver

--And 7:30 E.S.T., so I hope everyone listens. But one of the things I'm going to be talking about is people wearing these super casual clothes, particularly to the office, and I'm going to be giving some style tips on what I think my no-no's are. But I'm noticing that a lot in the city right now as well that people are getting really sloppy, sloppy. Besides the flip-flops, these like nightgown dresses and super short shorts. I mean I'm sorry, but if you need a waxing to wear shorts, they're too short. They're short to the point that my little boy, my son is like, "Mom, that lady's shorts are disgusting, they're so short." I'm like I didn't know that he was like the moral prince of reason. But out of the mouth of babes, even a kid is saying. His other friends are saying these girls are just like wearing hardly anything. It's not like they necessarily have the bodies, but they're short shorts, and fancy--.

11:32 Brad Boles

Well, you know corporate America. A lot of corporate America has rescinded casual Fridays because they realized what it was doing is it was just kind of eating away at their morale, and they felt that Fridays were becoming a slack-off day. They were seeing what was happening over the course of the last several years and that people weren't taking Friday seriously. They were coming in in casual clothes on Fridays. So a lot of corporate America--.

11:58 Sharon Haver

Those free beer tee-shirts. It's like so-and-so's beer garden, and they think that's something they could wear on Friday to work. That's a good rule of thumb for anyone. If you got a tee-shirt for free and it has advertising on it, particularly if it's a size X-L, the place you want to wear it is in the garbage. That's not something to wear, particularly not to an office. All these people who wear these give-away tee-shirts and think they're clothing -- no, no, no, no, no. It's like better off buy a six-pack of white Haines tee-shirts that have no logo on it. You'll kind of look cool rather than walking around on those advertising shirts. That was one of the problems with corporate America is that people would wear those so-and-so's roller derbey tee-shirt with a pair of stained cut-off's to work and flip-flops with dirty toenails.

12:48 Brad Boles

Well, don't forget, you're going to also read in this week's column, my metrosexual Rob Siegel -- he even addresses that. Because last weekend he had a friend that's a southern guy who came up to spend the weekend in the Hamptons, and you're going to see the before and after pictures.

13:02 Sharon Haver

And it's really funny. People are gonna love this, like how to de-Southern someone. The Yankee makeover.

13:10 Brad Boles

I mean it's amazing, because the guy showed up in a pair of rumpled pants and an old white tee-shirt, and thought he was going to be able to get away with a fabulous weekend in the Hamptons. Immediately, of course, Rob saw this -- the makeover maestro and couldn't take him shopping quick enough. I think it has more to do with Rob's ego. I don't think he could be seen in public with this guy at a certain point. It's interesting because it does, it goes across the board, and that's the great thing. We even talk about male grooming, we talk about guys having to get it together. Women have a huge challenge because they gotta go out and get the Brazilians, they have to look fabulous. They have to get the manicures and the pedicures. Well, what about the guys? I mean girls like to see guys equally as groomed, you don't agree?

13:50 Sharon Haver

Yeah, absolutely. One of my pet peeves is when you get this guy who's a little bit older -- not that old -- and he's wearing an open shirt and he has the really long grey chest hair hanging out and it's like three inches long all growing over the top. It's so gross.

14:07 Brad Boles

That visual is very Dirk Diggler. I don't know--.

14:12 Sharon Haver

It's like the pre-hair -- you know first it's the really elongated chest hair and then there's the long hair out of the ears. They kind of think it's sexy and it's like gross.

14:25 Brad Boles

I look back on it now, and I have to say I really think that Hugh Hefner was probably one of the first metrosexuals. I really do. He was always beautifully groomed, always well taken care. I mean he had a manicurist on call in [? FE ?] at the Playboy Mansion. I think that he may actually well go down in history as one of the first metrosexuals. He was on top of his game and he is on top of his game in terms of grooming, even at his age now. But yeah, no, I agree. I mean guys, keep your chest hair trimmed. It's not pretty. There are clippers out there that have different levels from one to six. I don't know. It's scary. Especially when you've got these gorgeous women that are out there making an effort and they're on the scene dating. You know, the last thing you want is a Jersey shore boy.

15:18 Sharon Haver

It's so funny. My husband went to some old reunion not that long ago. He goes to reunions a lot. I'm so glad that he goes up by himself to these things. You know when it came to school, I was the one -- my friends were older -- I always thought I was so cool. I never went to a prom, I never wanted to go to a prom. I just wanted to get out to the next grade. We always do this laugh of these guys and it's like how is it that their waist size is wider than their tall. I see these pictures and it's like my God, he looks so much younger than them. It's really a simple answer, because they don't take care of themselves. They're stuck in a fashion, a style rut, and they don't work out, they don't eat properly. They just look so old, [INTERPOSING VOICES] it's kind of scary.

16:08 Brad Boles

It's amazing. I mean certainly, as you can well imagine, my closets look like a department store. Most guys out there, their closets is a pair of crumpled pants on the floor that they put back on the next day when it's the weekend. Most guys that aren't metrosexual and on top of their game, I can assure you they wear the same uniform the whole weekend, they just put it back on and go back out.

16:30 Sharon Haver

You're starting to sound like my son as he's putting his shorts on. I'm like could you wear a new pair of shorts today because we might go up to see Roy and Dale and meet Roy Junior. If we take a picture, do you mind wearing new shorts today?

16:42 Brad Boles

And I'm sure he has a closet full of great clothes.

16:45 Sharon Haver

Oh, my God. My son, I used to call him since he was five years, he's like the metrosexual from hell. When he was five years old he's be trying on his pants in the gap and he'd be checking his butt in them. When he was little -- here's another weird style tip for people with kids. Oddly enough, who knew, but having that place in Wyoming, Wrangler cowboy fit jeans are the coolest cut jeans for little boys because they have straight legs and they're not baggy and full. Yeah, it's like the regular Wranglers sometimes you get a little frumpy, but the kids' Wranglers are like amazing.

17:18 Brad Boles

And do you know that Wrangler and Levi both now have custom fit departments, and they will actually do custom fit on your body. You can go into a Wrangler or a Levi store, they will scan your body and they will actually do a pair of jeans for you. The up-charge is I think about $20.00 and it's two weeks delivery. That's a really great tip.

17:39 Sharon Haver

Well, what happens if I break the machine? It'll be like you're just getting sized pants -- rrah.

17:44 Brad Boles

No. It's great, and it's great for women that have a really hard time getting a great fit, because a lot of women, it's the derriere that's the situation where it's very hard to fit your jeans over the backside of a well-rounded woman. So this--.

18:00 Sharon Haver

I wouldn't know about that.

18:02 Brad Boles

No, so you're just turning around in spandex. How flash dance of you.

18:06 Sharon Haver

Well, actually, one of the funniest things is that I wrote a story about how to dress a bubble butt, and now I get so, so, so many letters of people, and I'm going to be coming back to this again soon on how to dress a bubble butt. It was interesting -- I don't know if you saw Monday's New York Daily News, but they did a piece and they said that the number one fashion accessory for the season is a big butt and they have Kim --.

18:33 Brad Boles

I saw that. I did see that. They made reference to Jennifer Lopez. Absolutely. Then they had some -- it was an instructional coach that was telling you how you can tighten up your butt to get that butt. So, I think the trend -- you know, what happens in two years when you've got the butt, and then the trend is you're not supposed to have a butt? What are you supposed to do then? De-exercise?

18:58 Sharon Haver

I don't know. I think what you're supposed to do then is really just sit home every day and curse your genes, as in the g-e-n-e-s genes. Not your jeans, because believe me, it's not so easy to get rid of. I've been trying my whole life. It doesn't go flat.

19:15 Brad Boles

Oh my God, I love it. Question. A lot of our readers, they have a lot of questions because I'm out in the Hamptons, I'm entertaining. One of the biggest issues that comes up, and I'm sure that you've had this challenge in your life, hostess gifts and what to bring when you go to a party. One of the things that came up this weekend, because I had several events to go to was that we had -- the challenge of what to buy. You'll notice in my column this week, there's a store in the Hamptons that I turn to when I'm doing--.

19:50 Sharon Haver

I love that store.

19:52 Brad Boles

Maison 24. Now you said store a lot, because they have a lot of small gift items. But here's the question, and I think that your answer may be very different than mine since I'm a bit more extravagant than you are and you're cheap and I'm not.

20:03 Sharon Haver

No. Actually people get intimidated by me I guess, a hostess gift, because they're like we don't know what to get you because you have such specific style. And I'm like I kind of take that as a compliment. Anyway, go on.

20:15 Brad Boles

A hostess gift can run anywhere from $10.00 to $100.00 and anywhere in between. Usually what I recommend people do is they take a $25.00 medium and price it around there. It allows you to pick something -- it doesn't necessarily have to be a candle. That's the other thing. I mean people get so bored. They go out and they get a candle and they think that that's acceptable. I mean there are so many other cool gadgets out there. Like for instance, at Maison 24 they have this really cool mercury glass piggyback that's a pig that's very, very cool and it's very retro and very modern. It runs around $24.00.

20:58 Sharon Haver

I think to give something that's kind of fun and quirky and completely unexpected like that, and Jonathan Adler has a lot of little funky things and you can kind of --.

21:07 Brad Boles

I love it.

21:07 Sharon Haver

--Something that you wouldn't buy because it's unnecessary, but it's adorable. Or the other thing that always works is a really good bottle of wine or champagne. When in doubt just get like a really fine wine.

21:24 Brad Boles

I mean I'm known for, what I do, which I'm known for because I had them made for me, is last year I did my hostess gifts that I gave out when I went to a dinner or a luncheon. I had Swarovski crystal embedded handcuffs done in gorgeous velvet boxes and those were my gifts because you can throw them on a coffee table. They're also very erotic and very sheik, but at the same they're really cool art. So my compliment this year is I had the same person make me gorgeous Swarovski crystal riding crops, and they come in a gorgeous glass box. Again, so they compliment the hand-cuffs so they kind of go hand-in-hand. So, anyone that's had the pleasure of getting my hand-cuffs now has a riding crop on their table as well. So it's very sexy, it's very cool, and the people htat manufacture them for me are the people that do all of Dita Von Teese's accessories.

22:15 Sharon Haver

Let me ask you a more important question. Do you ever use them personally other than using them as a prop?

22:20 Brad Boles

Oh, no, darling -- that's -- no, no, no.

22:21 Sharon Haver

Do you [UNINTELLIGIBLE] go home and use your crystal hand-cuffs.

22:26 Brad Boles

Use our riding crop and hand-cuffs. No. I'm a little more vanilla than that. But I'd certainly like to think that the people I give them to are using them.

22:35 Sharon Haver

Well. So you're hoping that somebody's life is far more exotic than yours.

22:41 Brad Boles

Exactly. So my choice hostess gift is I think you should -- as far as I'm concerned, my recommendation to anyone out there is you gotta think outside of the box. I think forget about a candle. Do something fun. It could even be $10.00. It can be a little yellow rubber duck that floats in the bathtub. People love humor.

22:58 Sharon Haver

Also, there's some really kooky chocolates that you can get or some kind of like really amazing -- just like a desert that's shaped like something -- I've seen some things -- they look like little gift baskets. They're edible, you can serve them at the party. See the thing is you're a little more creative than the average fool out there. You're just a crazy fool. I think a lot of people get completely, completely intimidated, and if you get out of gifting and you get into eating or drinking, it makes to easier for people. You know what's really fun, which I once got for someone, like a really old school bottle of Chianti and these crazy old Sicilian wine glasses. It was a good bottle. It was like just this adorable little set. But it's something that's easier for someone to find, because you can find that in a good booze store. I think just get something gets quirky, but one of the problems, especially in the city now, is all those gifty kind of stores that also have unusual greeting cards, they all went out of business.

24:04 Brad Boles

I know, I love it. A segway from that, which is interesting about gifts, one of the things that I wanted to bring up to you, which is a very interesting topic and something that I've seen, one of the things that's come up that I'm seeing a trend mostly in any urban city, combined bridal showers. I'm finding that in this economy a lot of really sheik couples, what they're doing is the girl, she's doing the bridal shower and she's inviting the men. Instead of the men having a bachelor party, they're combining it as a bridal shower and doing it as a celebration, looking forward to their marriage, and they're doing it in a very cool way. Have you noticed that trend or has anybody talked to you about that?

24:43 Sharon Haver

No, no, no, I haven't. But what about all those guys who want to go pole dance, have a bunch of strippers at their bachelor party, how do they figure that with their girlfriend? Is that why she's taking her pilates class that she could perform?

24:59 Brad Boles

No, no, no. This trend is a little more sheik. What they're doing is they're doing a combined -- like, for instance, a friend of mine just recently did the bridal shower was on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

25:10 Sharon Haver

So it's more like a low-key party.

25:13 Brad Boles

Yeah, but it's a celebration, and people can bring the bride-to-be gifts, and so on and so forth. The guy's kind of hang out and intermingle with the girls. It ends up being sort of kind of -- it's a new way of looking at a bridal shower and I'm finding that very interesting. I don't know if that trend's happening because of what's going in the economic downturn, or whether or not it's just you know what, let's be more casual about this and not be so formal -- boys have the boys party and girls have a girls party.

25:42 Sharon Haver

Well, I think also it's because people are getting married older an older and older, and I think the whole idea of that crazy bachelorette party is a very young thing. It's like the young girl who's going for her big crazy night out and who's walking around the city wearing some tiara.

25:59 Brad Boles

That's interesting. That's very interesting. Yeah, it's true.

26:07 Sharon Haver

You know, an older person, I mean if you're getting married and you're like 35, why would you want to be walking around the city with your girlfriends in those little Jersey mini dresses and Stilettos you can't balance in and a tiara on your head and kind of drunk and goofy with a pink --?

26:21 Brad Boles

What was the male strip club in New York back in the day? It was so funny. What was the name of that place?

26:29 Sharon Haver


26:30 Brad Boles

Chippendale 's. Oh, God. That is a throwback. Are they all out of work now? They're just a bunch of men out of work?

26:38 Sharon Haver

Well, they were mostly gay. One of my friends had a boyfriend who was a dancer there and I met them all. 95% of them were gay boys and I'm like God, and those girls would sit there and they would throw themselves -- it was gross, slimy.

26:51 Brad Boles

Have they gone the Chippendale heaven?

26:55 Sharon Haver

I don't know. What do you do when you're an old muscle boy?

26:59 Brad Boles

That's what I've been saying. I mean where do they go to Vegas? I mean I think there is a Chippendale's in Vegas.

27:02 Sharon Haver

What does an old muscle boy do? Does anyone know? You can send us a note. Where do old muscle boys go? They hold onto their walker and they do their strip from that instead of a pole, they use a walker.

27:17 Brad Boles

You remember when Brooke Shields went there for her birthday party, it was a big deal. She was 21 years old, her girlfriend, it was in all the newspapers. That was a big deal. Brooke Shields and all of her girlfriends at Chippendale's in New York.

27:27 Sharon Haver

Yeah, but she was 21. So, you know at 21 you kind of want to let her have it.

27:32 Brad Boles

I know, but do you remember that? That was like big news.

27:35 Sharon Haver

When you're doing that and you're pushing 40, coming in from the suburbs, it's not much.

27:43 Sharon Haver

But anywhere, listen, we've got like a minute left. So I want us to wrap-up what you want to kind of shout out to everyone right now in the next one minute--.

27:53 Brad Boles

Well, I mean I--.

27:55 Sharon Haver

From Trigger to strippers.

27:57 Brad Boles

From Trigger to strippers and bridal showers and everything in between. I'm looking forward to your Martha Stewart piece on Friday. You're gonng love it. You've been on Sirius radio before.

28:13 Sharon Haver

Yeah, I've done it. They're so cool up there, I really love it. I think Sirius is great. Maybe one day they'll hint-hint and have me on there more. But it's 7:30 a.m. E.S.T. on Sirius and it's the morning live show. We have some great style tips about hot weather and what not to wear. You know I love to talk about what not to wear -- you too. We were like the original what not to wear team.

28:39 Brad Boles


28:41 Sharon Haver

What else do you want to share? You've got all your Bravo dish, and maybe by then you'll know who the winning housewife is.

28:47 Brad Boles

Yeah. Check out my column this week, it's good.

28:53 Sharon Haver

So, hey, I got a question. Do you have any idea if any of the New York Housewives, if anyone's not coming back?

28:58 Brad Boles

Yes I do, but I can't tell you. You're gonna have to hold your breath on that one at least for another week.

29:04 Sharon Haver

OK. So then people will have to keep listening to us and wait for you to share the dish.

29:08 Brad Boles

I'll be the first one to know, trust me.

29:11 Sharon Haver

I know. You're such a Yenta and that's why we love you. The most fabulous dancer in town.

29:17 Brad Boles

I am, indeed. I guess out of all of my Jewish girlfriends -- what's the version of a male shiksa?

29:30 Sharon Haver

A shakas.

29:31 Brad Boles

I'm a shakas.

29:32 Sharon Haver

A shakas. Yeah, that's kind of what Jewish girls usually end up marrying.

29:39 Brad Boles

Of course they do.

29:40 Sharon Haver

You're a gay guym.

29:43 Brad Boles

I'm a guym. Oh no.

29:47 Sharon Haver

The gay goyem husbands.

29:49 Brad Boles

I love it.

29:50 Sharon Haver

So anyway, well it's been fun everyone and come back next week. We'll be talking to you soon.

29:58 Brad Boles

All right. Have a great day.

30:00 Sharon Haver

You too. Bye-bye.