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Mike and Pam Mathews of Focus on Heaven host this exciting 'Gossiping the Gospel Hour.' The on-air show takes people through personal stories and testimonies of God's saving and healing touch. Sunday Afternoons at 4:00 PM CST. Contact Mike and/or Pam Mathews at michael.mathews@focusonheaven.com.

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After Jesus was born Joseph had an important dream that saved the life of Jesus. An angel appear to Joseph again in a dream and told him to take Jesus and Mary and escape to Egypt, because King Herod was about to kill all the... more

Joseph and Mary were to get married until Joseph though she was unfaithful because she became pregnant. Joseph had a dream in which he was told to marry Mary. Matthew 1:18-25

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a tree that only Daniel could interpret. The dream, its interpretation and fulfillment was that the King of Babylon would become a crazed person living with the animals of the field due to his pride.... more

The King of Babylon - King Nebuchadnezzar had a troubling dream of the future that no magician, astrologer, or sorcerer could interpret. This dream found in Daniel chapter 2 is a troubling dream that required extra focus upon God in... more

Join us in anticipation for Mother's Day as we hear from Nancy Nation a testimony of ongoing hope and Godly realizations on raising a family. Listen as she shares how God always gives hope and that His hope cannot be... more

King Solomon's Dream – A Dream within a Dream 1 Kings 3:5-15. Many people know the Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him. However, few people realize that Solomon had this occur within a dream. King... more

Jeffrey Allen Mathews, formerly from Eau Claire, WI, age 51 passed away and entered eternity on November 15th, 2011 in Brighton, Colorado. Jeff was born on July 25th 1960 in Racine, WI to Norman and Joyce Mathews of Altoona,... more

Listen as we share a wonderful story of how Gideon was challenged by God to defeat an entire army with only 300 men. God used an illustrative dream to confirm to Gideon that this was not a foolish plan, but a plan that would show... more

Pharaoh, King of Egypt had a dream that could only be interpreted by Joseph. This allowed Joseph to be freed from prison, promoted to number one in Egypt, and became a fulfillment of his dreams years earlier that his family would bow... more

Joseph was asked to interpret dreams for both a Baker and Cup Bearer. One interpretation was extremely positive and one extremely negative. Nonetheless, Joseph was honest and accurate with both dreams. Listen to the challenge of... more
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