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Do you find it difficult at times to live free from enticements of your flesh? Does it make you feel less than a true Christian? These are common concerns among believers: join us as we talk about this and more on Single Christian Chronicle with Dr. Wash! Perhaps you can get the help you need and help someone else. Call in and let's talk about it (714) 583 - 6916.We ar waiting on you, what you gonna do? Tonight's discussion... Discussion Topics How active should I be in the process of finding a spouse — or should I leave it all up to God? Does being content mean I've relinquished my desire to marry? .Visit FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK and experience a wealth of encouraging resources. We want to fellowship with you email us at
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The Lord has sent a message wrapperd in His love to those of you who have been trying to make it alone. His message..."All of your need are met in Him. The messenger is The prophet Mary Washington, Pastor of Feed my Sheep Church... more

Have you examined your faith walk recently, to see what you really believe about Jesus? Journey with us through the passages of God's burden removing, yoke destroying Word; allow the Lord to illuminate your life with His brightness... more

There is a "preparation process" which enables you to see into the things of God and walk into what He has prescribed for you; today's message will share the steps to that process and empower you for a lifestyle of blessedness! Join The... more

The new birth is not a physical act, it is spiritual. This act of the new birth requires faith. In this lesson let us examine our faith in what Jesus has done.

HEALING and DELIVERANCE! ONLY BELIEVE...Yes Lord! I believe! You have been waiting on a blessing, today is your day! You will make your request known to God, The prophet Mary Washington will speak a prophetic word to your... more

Know-ledge of the intimate makeup of your spouse is vital to serving them. Join us as we discuss the do's and don'ts in serving one another in our marriages. The Marriage Relationship is to be patterned after the union of Christ and the Church... more

No matter who you are, this message will bless you, it is a reminder of the warning Jesus gave His disciples about evil teachings. EVIL... That which is contrary to glorifying God! The Instructor is The prophet Mary Washington Sr.... more

Especially for WOMEN, their spouses, their children, and all others who tend to reject their gender as a mainstream valuable commodity. You'll want to be here for this profound message as God gives revelation found in the Word of God..... more

This message comes as an encouragement to the "everyday Christian. It is a kick off to our morning show EVERYDAY CHRISTIAN beginning March 26, 2012 at 10:30am. Are you following the will of God? Many would say "I try to follow God... more

There is a call on the Called to carry the Good News to the called out urging them to The Call of God.
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