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Still Flyin' - Jihadis, Jews and Gentiles Part 4

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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So many of the Lame-Stream Media elites wanting to keep the lid down tight on all things Wahhabist world-wide. It's as though they are out to make the common folk think there's not that much wrong with those who want to force Islam to the unbelieving infidel masses.

Another point they work so hard to put forth is how we need to "understand the Islamic mindset." Really? It's not that hard to figure out, actually; the Islamofascist of the world want a special set of rules for themselves, yet a set of strangling restrictions foisted upon the "unimportant majority." To top it all off, if one says something counter to what CAIR or any of the other caliphate groups put forth, you're automatically labeled as being a "bigot", "islamophobe", or [worst of all!] "RACIST!"

Their efforts are in overdrive, often trying to point out how we're being so intollerant. Wrong! The necessity for calling out those who commit heinous acts in the name of a religion need to be described in a term everyone can understand - EVIL. THAT's exactly what they are! Also to make sure their apologist accomplices need this to be pointed out about them whenever possible. Ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!

All this and more coming up on Still Flyin' Over the Heartland!

Hosted by me, Flyover Territory, aka Eric, the acerbically witted, high octane, in-your-face, never-say-die, slightly irreverent, semi-seedy underbelly of the rightward side of the BTR dial

[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]