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Still Flyin' - The Professional Leftwing Media's Agenda

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The Progressive Professional Leftward Media have been going out of their way in the past two weeks to further the agenda they are trying to ram down the American peoples' collective throats. Three subjects that have garnered a lot of attention are the situations are an NFL player who killed his girlfriend and himself, the UN Disabilities Treaty and the upcoming "Fiscal Cliff", as Joe Klein, Editor-In-Chief of the New York Times named it.

The first was due to an Jovan Belcher who had a "mental imbalance", committing a heinous act with a handgun. This tends to dovetail perfectly with the radical Leftists, both in the media and in the seats of power of our government, in their attempts to remove firearms from the possession of a vast majority of US military veterans, whom many in the Leftward Media will deam as being "afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

The UN Disabilities Treaty has been brought up as "on par with the Americans with Disabilities Act to bring forth even more fairness and equity to those who are either mentally or physically infirm in our nation." What's NOT brought up is how it would be another chance for the UN to supercede our Constitution. This will bring on even more rules of "fairness to all" in a slowly cascading avalanche of edicts, which would have UN "overseers" making sure America cowtows to them and bring them to heel.

Lastly, the dreaded "Fiscal Cliff" rapidly approaching, yet with no indication of the Left-tards wllling to give ONE IOTA OF SPENDING CUTS! As Stan Lee of Marvel Comics always says "'Nuff said!"

All this and more coming up on Still Flyin' Over the Heartland!

[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]