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Iran. One word pretty much says it all. Thirty-two years on since the Iranian Revolutionary Council and the Student Reform Council formed to create a theistic form of government and the song has stayed the same. They have been the state sponsor of terrorism since '81 and just *NOW* some people are waking up; yet with the newly awakened folk, there are those who are so wrapped up in their "I'd like to teach the world to sing" ideology/ mentality they can't even see the facts that have been presented of how the councils of clerics [mullahs, imams and ayatollahs] throughout that land are a serious threat.

One prime example of this is the abject naivetee of Republican candidate Ron Paul. Good examples of this are how he's presenting "facts" based on what's been put out there by SFP.org / Code Pink folks, which it seems he swallows hook, line & sinker. This isn't the only wonky thing that stands out about the Paul-ites and their ReLOVEution. A great portion of his followers are part of the whole Alex Jones/ George Noory/ Art Bell crowd who think *EVERYTHING* is a conspiracy and there "*THEY*" are out to get them! The other side of the Ron-bies are those who are rabid Occupy Movement kool-aid drinkers - again referring to the old 1970's Coke Christmas commercial with all the hippie folk sitting on the hillside singing.

Then there's the case of crazy, drunk unca Joe. That's right! Biden stuck his foot in his mouth this past week by trying to assert how the Taliban aren't our enemy. Too many have worked so very hard to minimize their insanely Wahabbi-based cruelty and soften their overall image. After all, 'they're parents, too... just don't count the fact they raise their boys with an AK-47 in their hands'.

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & hold on!