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'Still Flyin' Over the Heartland'

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Flyover Territory

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The leftmost side of the blogosphere and other similar outlets of "news" in the virtual world think they can do or say whatever they wish, but those to the opposite better keep their collective traps shut. Someone like Bill Loomans [the rural Georgia business owner with the 'no hiring' sign on his truck] becomes the target of rabid disdain. This is being done to the point where he can't even operate his business on a day to day basis without some form of harrassment by enraged lib-tards who think it's their right to do such actions. Basically he's being trolled and prank called by of a bunch of frenetic hardcore liberal morons acting like Hallowe'en pranksters after three double espressos, two dexedrines, one apple-tini and half a bag of meth. Or as Charlie Sheen would call that -- Tuesday.

One such outlet is NewsBlaze.com. This collection of dreck is harder to pin down than trying to nail a gummy worm to the wall. Seems THEY'RE the blog site which reached out to the various news outlets in major metro markets in Georgia to get the light shined on Mr. Loomans' business.

Also more on the now defunct Air America, along with more humor thanks to MSNBC's Ed Schultz; specifically, some of his more outrageous rantings via both radio (thank you, Mrs. Halversen for being THE ONLY loyal listener!) and cable outlet (basically only card carrying ACLU members in all 5 NYC burroughs and 1/3 of Connecticut). We'll be looking at his construction company in North Dakota with a little more scrutiny; seems big ol' Ed likes to play the duck, dodge and downplay game when he's asked details about said business, but doesn't mind being a hypocrite when asking others about THEIRS.  In other words... Lib-tardation at its finest.

[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]