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Still Flyin' Over the Heartland

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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Herman Cain, STILL targeted due to his being black and conservative. Yet Arianna Huffington (former Republican candidate's wife who left him because he LOST turned blogger) rants on & on about how she is so tired of the subject, yet her OWN publication have over THREE DOZEN stories in just a week and a half. CNN trotting out accusers whose stories are so full of holes, they look like they were churned out by a swiss cheese processing plant.

Two debates took place this past week and it would seem the Professional Left Media has taken to sniping those they want out of the picture, but making sure not too much heat goes to their preferencial candidate. They will hit Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry and Cain with the hardest questions possible, but not even having their favored one on the screen. Read that as: ROMNEY.

Also more out of the Occupy Movement that's been learned recently. Various Occupy locations have been "evicted" from their squatter/squallor camps. All the while the slackers/ hipsters/ leftover & way past "by use date" hippies are crying foul and screaming First Amendment, while ignoring municipal ordinances. Even more reports of violence, murder and sexual assault at numerous Occupy Movement locations around the country; nothing like a nice blend of socialism with a side garnish of anarchism. Go figure, huh...

Also, some interesting bits about this Veterans' Day Weekend.

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!