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Still Flyin' - Media Idiocy and the Occupy Movement

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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The Professional Left Lamestream Media is showing both hypocricy and occasionally turning in it's own and calling it out whenever the opportunity arises; Mika Brezhinski and Andrea Mitchell, both of MSNBC have been called out on air about incorrect assumptions being made. Not just this, but also incorrect information being put forth by other outlets of the Obama Rah-Rah Committee  (The Alphabet Soup, CNN/MSNBC, AP/Reuters, Washington Post/ NY Times, etc).

Now that Quddafi is dead (and treated in a manner not unlike Abner Louima by the NYPD 15 years ago) and an interim council is being installed, one can only wonder what type of government it will be. That's right - SHARIA LAW BASED. Can you say 'Taliban' or 'Muslim Brotherhood', boys and girls?
Which is why Joe Biden's boss is so symptathetic to them.

Now in the 5th week of the Occupy Movement, they are working so hard to point out there's no such thing as hate filled rhetoric on the part of these non-violent, peace loving protestors. There's plenty of evidence shown how they go out of their way to behave badly; when presented with it, the Left-tards just shrug their shoulders and say either "whatever" or "it's not as bad as the TEA PARTY!!"

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!


(You might note the hillbilly themes of this episode and the bluegrass / rap or rock / rap crossovers played. This is all thanks to that east coast elitist Chris Matthews of MSNBC)