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'Still Flyin - - Debates, Dissent and Dimwits'

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Flyover Territory

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Another GOP debate has come and gone. Some winners, some losers and some who seemed just plain lost. There are some who started off in a weak position who are now making a strong showing; others, not so much. This will interesting to watch how it will shake out toward the end in early 2012. Speaking of those who seemed as though they were in the tall weeds off the fairway, I hope the last debate doesn't turn out like the last episode of "Lost"; if it does, I'm going to be REALLY upset.

The other thing that's very disappointing is how some of our very own BTR hosts are party to the hypocrisy game. You'll hear them whine "The Mainstream Press isn't giving any value to the Occupy Movement!" When the mainstream media DOES act as though they're backing 'em part and parcel (i.e. MSNBC hosts who emmigrated from that failed experiment we paid for called Air America), they complain it's NOT ENOUGH! No need to call them out by name, but most are on the leftward side of the dial; the sad thing is since the 2010 mid-term election, some have migrated to the categories of news, current events, life or plain ol' politics -- 'cause, heaven forbid [yeah, I brought religion into it; feel free to be offended, lib-tards!] they find themselves aligned on the POLITICS PROGRESSIVE side of the spectrum. You ARE what you spout! So if the boot fits...

They also work very hard to point out there's no such thing as hate filled rhetoric on the part of these non-violent, peace loving protestors. What a crock! There's plenty of evidence shown how they go out of their way to behave badly; when presented with it, the Left-tards just shrug their shoulders and say either "whatever" or "it's not as bad as the TEA PARTY!!"

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!