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Professional Left Media - Duck, Dodge and Downplay (cont'd)

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Flyover Territory

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For the past several weeks there have been more and more stories coming out which shows how many little fires the Professional Leftist Media are trying to tamp down. They look like smoke jumpers in a beloved national forest running to and fro, batting at burning clumps of grass with a shovel, only to have to chase after another one to contain before it gets out of hand.

The problem is the American people are LETTING them do this on an almost nightly basis. The list in just the past three weeks is very substantial: downplaying the Solyndra debacle, the Republican debates to the max, the DNC losing both Jewish votes and a New York congressional district, Obama's disastrous economic policies, the upcoming Palestinian vote in the UN, NPR's unabashed support of all things Leftist [read as: Sacred Cows] and the list goes on & on.

There are some situations that are downplayed to the max, as if there's some vast Marxist Ideological Committee sitting around a HUUUGE conference table deciding order of precedence. It's to the level as though the world's largest Kenmore washing machine has been constructed and no one is concerned how the spin cycle might cause some vital things to be shaken to their very core. The Democratic National Committee, the Leftwing Media and all of that same minded ilk are behaving like 4 year olds who just want to get on and treat it like a carnival ride, without a care in the world. These are just some of the recent stories we'll be discussing on the Still Flyin' Over the Heartland Show.

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!