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Still Flyin' - - Obama - The Deceiver-In-Chief

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Flyover Territory

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He spins, he charms and most of all, he's asked softball questions with no hard hitting follow-ups. Big Gubmint Barry has been pitched such lame meatballs, they probably make a >splat!< sound when the bat connects. Not to mention out and out lying during some interviews and not being held to task for it.

Debt ceiling debates, scaring Grandma and retired Vets, blaming others for his *own* out of control spending (to the tune of 23% increase in his first year along), saying "increased revenue" instead of "tax hikes" are the new code terms. Many of these falsehoods are ones that the Professional Left in media are either sweeping aside or hiding completely.

It seems Mr. Obama thinks he can just spout catch phrases and false percentages from polls that he misquotes any time he wishes and those of us out here will just swallow it all hook, line and sinker. He's quite incorrect. There are those of us out in the "new media stream" who aren't shills or benefit from currying favor; we won't carry water for ideas that have no merit, nor will we run interference. We will hold him to task at every turn when something doesn't quite add up. It's actually nothing more than budgetary math, which is one thing the Lamestream Media seems to forget.

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!