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FlyLady and Friends Live!!!

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FLY Show 1-08-2008 I’m Flying Welcome from Flylady with Pam and Nikki. Pam explains how the inner rascal interferes and if you don’t make it fun you won’t get it done. The key to happiness is knowing how to have fun. 1st call 1:15 Allissa from NJ. Wants some tips for moving. Mission Write out January birthday/anniversary cards Dream Big by Ryan Shupe 2nd call Amy from OK. Apologizes upfront cuz shes excited to talk to Marla this is her first time calling. Amy has been listening to crisis cleaning when clean the kitchen after dinner cuz it takes her more than 30 minutes. Marla asks if it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen? She says yes, and she is moderately in a hurry. Mission Clean up from Lunch and then snuggle with the babies. Song Clean Up Song Marla says she’s been trying to listen more when people talk. She doesn’t always keep her mouth shut because she’s listening to respond. Robert is thinking about doing a BTR show. Talks about the Good Book more and Marla says she’s listened to it 6 times so far and every time she learns something new. The Good stands for Get out of debt. 3rd call Jennifer from OK. Her house is in order for the most part. She has 3 kids, but has forgotten how to have fun. She does fine by herself, but, when the kids get home she is constantly telling them to hush cuz momma needs some quiet time. Marla says she’s not listening to them, she says you have got to have fun, you’ve kept Judy-Ann locked in her room not allowing her to play. When we open up to the fun things, that’s when our whole lives open up. We embrace our ability to be ourselves. You are inhibiting the creativity in yourself and in your kids, go to the bathroom if you have to and channel the 9 year old inside. Missions Dust the keyboard of your computer. The So Long Dust Samba Marla talks about her rule to find joy in everything she does, if you find the joy you will be able to energize yourself with what you do.