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The Flying Rainbow Lasagne Aurora

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne Aurora


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Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, shares information about higher dimensional reality and expanding human potential.

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Join Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, as she discusses the differences between organic corporeal life forms and no corporeal beings of pure energy. This is a continuation if the concepts presented re: extraterrestrials and... more

Join Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, as she talks about the interplay of consciousness and the variety of "species" and entities active on Earth right now. It's a big topic, more than 15 minutes can contain, so consider this a snack... more

Join Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, as she explains the nonphysical energy field surrounding each one of us is actually made of time. This crucial understanding opens you to being able to perceive and consciously choose... more

Join Aurora, visionary artist and galactic walk-in, as she discusses the ramifications of learning to subsist entirely on light. This is the next phase of evolution, and it cannot be classified as "human" because the process of... more

We are all a part of a much larger (than Human) Unity consciousness, and it is only the limitation of the size of one's neurology and the speed at which one's consciousness is processing that prevents the full realization of the significance... more

Join Aurora for practical tips on improving life on Earth!

Artist and galactic walk-in Aurora will tell you all about how you can morph your nonphysical energy field into the shape of a Flying Rainbow Lasagne, thereby adding another dimension and an additional degree of freedom. It's more than a... more

Aurora, galactic walk-in and visionary artist, continues her explanation of the hyperspace realm of consciousness and its connection to the Human realm of corporeal existence. This discussion also takes into account all life on this... more

Galactic walk-in and visionary artist Aurora speaks about the hyperspace beings who have been interacting with Humanity since its inception. Higher dimensional beings have a unique viewpoint and also exist within a state of limitations... more

Visionary artist and galactic walk-in Aurora describes how to correctly interpret the Flower of Life and see it as a multidimensional structure, and how it relates to the toroidal chakras and of course the Flying Rainbow Lasagne (which is like a... more