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Florida UFOs With Allinduath

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
The Jamie Havican Show

The Jamie Havican Show


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Allinduath is a Starseed and the following was written by her I am a clairaudient and physical medium and have been channeling higher-dimensional beings most of my life. Recently, I have been guided to share some of the messages I receive from them. These messages can be found on my blog www.CrystalChildMessages.Typepad.com. All my life I have been seeing energy. At two-and-a-half, I refused to enter a house my family was moving into because of the “bad things” I was seeing and feeling inside of it. From my earliest remembrance, I have seen entities, both positive and negative, in the world around me, and have known that I had energy in my hands that could help people if I touched them. At the age of four I began hearing a voice speaking to me and started telling my mom what “God” was saying to me. By the age of sixteen, I was channeling regularly. I learned that the “voice” was actually a team of four of my guides, all of whom are on a council dedicated to helping Earth in her ascension process. The council is called The Council For The Assistance To Earth, and the four members who speak to me are: Faleekastrina, a scientist from Lyshtia Lagonatha, another universe within this multiverse, who is now an eleventh dimensional being, and is Head of the Council; Ezekiel Memchat, an Atlantean who is Faleekastrina’s First Assistant; Fongeetale, a Guardian of Earth from a nature dimension of another planet who is Faleekastrina’s Second Assistant; and Plashdar, a seventh-dimensional Andromedan who is Spokesperson for the Council. I came to Earth in this life in 1988 at the Crystal vibration with the sole mission of being a channel for the Council so that they can reach the people of Earth, and especially Starseeds who have incarnated, with their messages, and so help the Earth ascend into her true reality. I offer Past Life Readings via e-mail. Information on these can be found on my blog, http://www.CrystalChildMessages.Typepad.com.