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Guest Ron Slusher

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
The Jamie Havican Show

The Jamie Havican Show


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RD Slusher sr. Scottsdale Arizona age 62. Birth place unknown blog address www.RD47blog@blogspot.com (500 + articles) Interviews: Tha Jackals Head 5 Dec., Antimatter Radio 21 Jan. 10 and 5 Feb., Unraveling the Secrets 30 Jan. 10 (regular contributor) Since age 47, I've started having UFO sighting. And always in someone else presence. (Can I get a witness, kind of thing.) I also have a crescent or 'C' on my right shoulder. That is not humanly made. Some of us abductees have this mark. Including a friend of mine. I've known over 25 years. When I first discovered the mark. I went to see, Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover, ACSW Ph.D. A known UFO and paranormal researcher here in Arizona. See had a book, that showed the picture of a women, with the same mark. Of all the people I've heard. That they claim they are an abductee. Not one of them has seemed trust worthy. They all seem to have a agenda. And that agenda is always. Will you buy my crap. Myself I have nothing for sale. Only my words, you can take or leave. My life is what it is. My interest in Native American cultures. Goes back to my childhood. And one of my sons is married to a Navajo girl from New Mexico. The Native Americans have a connection to the "Alien" presence. That the White will never understand. To be abducted to them. Is just another part of life. They have a connection to the 'Spirit World'. That most Whites and other cultures have lost. Even many Native Americans of to days World, have lost there way. Into the Material World of modern "Times". Take what I have to say. Then add your part. This is the way new knowledge is acquired. Much the same way, the Hopi do. When they hold ceremonies with another clan.