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Flora M Brown PhD

Color Your Life Happy


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Welcome to my show page. I am Flora Brown and I invite you to enjoy over three years of archives in On Demand Episodes. My guests share ways to create the lasting happiness you deserve in all areas of your life. We discuss living a fulfilling life, increasing wealth, enjoying business success, following a spiritual path, making wise choices, creating loving relationships, balancing family and career, bouncing back from adversity, but most of all, being good to yourself.

On-Demand Episodes

Let’s face it. Some days are going to suck! --One day your head will be the perfect landing for bird droppings --You will lose your keys. --Your child will lie to you. --Someone will lie about you. Being happy and claiming your inner joy are... more

The way you think determines how you view and experience the events in your daily life. When you begin to think fearlessly, you begin taking control of your life, and no longer allow others to pull you into their drama. Join me when... more

Today's show is a replay of one of our most popular shows.==>Right now "the economy" seems to be the top headline, day after day, and it's been mostly bad news. Surveys say that 7 out of 10 Americans currently identify themselves as... more

Facing challenges, adversities and obstacles is part of our lives. How we handle these will determime if we will survive to reach our goals, experience happiness and enjoy life success. Join me when I interview Aimmee Kodachian Riley,... more

Each of us has the ability to be innovative, inventive, practical and imaginative. We all want to express ourselves in ways that are rewarding financially and soulfully, whether it’s in the form of writing, art, business, or in the way we live.... more

Most people do not realize what life is like being married to a police officer - including some police wives! The shift work, long hours and unreliable work schedule often times leave many police wives feeling alone or like a single... more

Parenting is one of the most exhilarating and gratifying roles we can have. And yet, how do we continue to enjoy our children even when they disappoint, worry, or defy us. Join me as I interview Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson, author... more

The daily news seems to be full of reasons to make some people sad and discouraged. And yet, amidst the financial challenges, political conflicts and personal obstacles, some are able to maintain inner peace and well-being. Join... more

Too many of us drag ourselves into a new day unenthusiastically, going to work and mindlessly carrying out our activities. We follow a vague script that neither inspires nor fulfills us, lamenting our fate silently or exchanging negative... more

Many of us are unhappy at work, dissatisfied with our lives, but don’t know how to get started to create the life we really want. You can transform your circumstances even in gloomy economic times by finding powerful solutions for... more
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