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Flora M Brown PhD

Color Your Life Happy


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Welcome to my show page. I am Flora Brown and I invite you to enjoy over three years of archives in On Demand Episodes. My guests share ways to create the lasting happiness you deserve in all areas of your life. We discuss living a fulfilling life, increasing wealth, enjoying business success, following a spiritual path, making wise choices, creating loving relationships, balancing family and career, bouncing back from adversity, but most of all, being good to yourself.

On-Demand Episodes

Do you have a passion, but can’t seem to find the time to pursue it? Whether you want to write a novel, start your own business, or learn jewelry making, your dream can become a reality. It won’t happen overnight and it will take sacrifice,... more

Is your cell phone a key part of your life? Have you embraced the use of social media? Or do you have trouble feeling any love for mobile? Join me when Mary Barnett, promotion strategist and owner of Another Brilliant Idea, joins me to... more

Within each and every one of us is an amazing power to be the conscious creators of our life experience! The only thing separating us from that power are our own limiting thoughts, beliefs and perceptions we have about ourselves... more

In 2005, working mother Sari Crevin created the very first prototype of SippiGrip in San Ramon California. Sari was becoming frustrated when her 1-year-old son, Jake, would throw his sippy cup to the floor from his high chair, stroller and car... more

In our quest for success and happiness, we must nurture our health if we want the energy and stamina to go after our goals. To ensure optimum health we must be thoughtful about what we put into our bodies. Join me when my guest, Monica... more

The fact that we begin each new year setting resolutions shows that we yearn for success. And yet, when adversities arise, we often get frustrated, discouraged and sink into feelings of inadequacy. Join me and my guest, Mo Stegall,... more

How do you rebuild your career after being out of the workforce for a long period of time? How do you reposition yourself after an arrest record or having been in a psychiatric hospital? The economy is tough enough, but with a few strikes... more

Everyone who has achieved a goal has followed a vision and created an environment that helped her succeed. Keeping ourselves motivated requires surrounding ourselves with positive people, programs, books, music, and... more

When Regina Savage was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I imagine she did what the rest of us did when we hear the big “C” directed at us. She must have gasped. But what she did next is what is amazing. The more her diagnoses... more

"Laughter is like a medicine," says Denise Price Thomas,a healthcare consultant and comedian. She and her alter ego "Gladys Friday" (glad it's Friday) know first hand the power of laughter to help patients and medical staffs. Join me when... more
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